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November 18, 2011

Mirrored motorcycle — Poor man's invisibility cloak


From Toxel:


"A unique motorcycle designed by Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Joey Ruiter is equipped with a mirrored body


that blends into the environment."


"Powered by an electric motor, the bike has a range of 90 miles."


"Reflective exterior almost disappears and the rider silently floats along the streets."


[via Everlasting Blort]

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Gravity Dice — Suzy Lelièvre


The French artist does all manner of things to all manner of things.

Set of five handcrafted dice: €200.

[via Fancy]

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Ceadogán Rugs — Handmade in Wexford, Ireland

Meet Denis Kenny, who with his wife Fiona runs this Irish company specializing in gun-tufted rugs.

What's a gun-tufted rug?

You'll know once you watch the video.

[via Broadsheet.ie]

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Lace Tape


2 inches wide x 50 yards long.


White or Black printing.



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How Google sees yesterday's Holey Eggs


Above, the banner ad that appeared on French reader Matthieu Taravella's screen "on the comments page of the egg sculpting guy!"

You couldn't make it up if you tried.


Screen Shot 2011-11-18 at 10.38.46 AM

how Google sees the Holey Eggs post through the lens of my screen.

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Vampire-Repellant* Garlic Mints


What took so long?


100 mints in classic tin.


*"Repellant" = "repellent."

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What flights are overhead NOW?

Screen Shot 2011-11-18 at 8.44.55 AM

WolframAlpha has the answer.


From SearchEngineLand: "To access this literal, real-time flight search, just type 'flights overhead' into the WolframAlpha search box, and voilà!"

Works on both computers and smartphones.

Bonus: "WolframAlpha's blog post says you can also use this feature to find out things like what you were looking at when you shot a photo out the window of your airplane in mid-flight."

[via @chamberscreek and @dsilverman]

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Snofling Snowball Throwing Stick


Now comes Episode 3 of this year's snowball throwing posts, featuring the cheapest solution yet to the vexing problem of making and throwing snowballs without getting cold hands.


You may recall — or have happily forgotten until reminded just now — the Snowball Crossbow of Episode 1 and the Snowball Thrower of Episode 2.


Wrote reader Ben in response to the second of the two, "At $5.99 the Snofling Snow Ball Throwing Stick [above and below] is the best bang for the buck. I remember them from my late childhood and believe you me you don't want to have to be messing with your weapon in the middle of a snow ball fight. With these sticks, you just jam the cup end in the snow, pull out, swing and snap in one smooth motion. The packed snow ball flicks out of the Snofling and can reach your target in a flash. Picture your enemy being bombarded without having time to react to your jam-swing-flick jam-swing-flick jam-swing-flick attack while he's still trying to arm his Sharper Image Snowball Thrower or Snowball Crossbow, he/she has no chance!"



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