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November 21, 2011

Class of 2011: If Social Media Were a High School


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Vuitton brown paper bag


Created by Black Market Caviar which states on its homepage, "We can make what you want."

Of that I have no doubt.

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"Amazing Grace" played on a cannelloni whistle

Res ipsa loquitur.

But in case you're not hearing what it's saying, the video shows Japanese food instrument hacker Junji Koyama jamming on pasta.

Full disclosure: Gray Cat was not pleased during the making of this post.

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Dynamite Alarm Clock


"Alarm clock goes beep beep beep BOOM."


No — you WON'T be taking it if you're flying.


Fair warning.



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Helpful Hints from joeeze: Blender as emergency ice bucket

Photo copy 2

Last night I was cleaning out my fridge and discovered a bottle of the Widow Clicquot way in the back, for how many years I haven't the foggiest.

Photo copy

No matter, carpe diem et al so I looked around for an ice bucket to keep it chilled after I opened it up.

Best I could do was a Cuisinart I haven't used for at least 10 years, but it turned out to be quite a good fit for a mixture of ice cubes and cold water and kept the contents nicely chilled for the entirety of Sunday Night Football.

Once again, credit to Edwin H. Land and his powerful, mind-expanding dictum: "Solve the problem with what's in the room."

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Refrigerator Magnet Scrabble


What took so long?


"100 letters with standard English Scrabble distribution


plus 12 additional bonus scoring tiles."



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Food52Hotline — World's first real-time food Q&A


Long story short: it's a new iPhone app (just released last Wednesday) which lets you call and talk directly to a cooking expert about anything food-related.


Screenshots above and below.


Free, the way we like it — and just in time for what one family I know calls "'Gravy stress time."


On Twitter too.

Website here, with a link to the Hotline.


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T-shirt graffiti marker kit


"Eight bright color fabric markers to illustrate anything."


"Let dry 24 hours or iron to make design permanent."

$8.75 (T-shirt not included).

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