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November 30, 2011

Time-Lapse Road Trip: Around the U.S. in 5 minutes

From PetaPixel: "Brian DeFrees spent two months between August and October of this year driving a giant loop around the United States on a 12,225-mile-long road trip. He captured a photo every 5 seconds using an intervalometer with his Canon 60D while in his car, and by creating individual time-lapse videos when parked or exploring an area. The result is this epic 5-minute long time-lapse."


Above, his route.

Below, his rig.


The project website is here.

[via Laughing Squid and Viral Viral Videos]

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bookofjoe: "G-Rated/Child Safe"

Screen Shot 2011-11-26 at 10.16.47 PM

As I've remarked from time to time over the years, boj strives to be suitable for anyone (or anything) who/that can walk across a keyboard.

Now comes Webutation to drill down and confirm that indeed, this is an oasis for children of all ages.

I wonder what this will do for my Klout score... probably not a whole lot, but that's OK.

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Sci-Fi Sound Effects Machine


16 sounds: Aliens, Ray gun, Lazer, Time warp, Alert, One small step for man dialogue, Transporter, Monster, Flying saucer, Computer, Wookies, Satellite signal, Spaceship, Droids, and two more.


Batteries included.

Screen Shot 2011-11-17 at 11.49.58 AM


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Fingerprint Bookmark


Pick up 


at the exact word you left off. 


"One size fits most books."


$3 apiece seems a bit steep to me —


but hey, I didn't price it.


I suppose those with OCD and tendencies in that direction might find this quite appealing.

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The Language(s) of Twitter


From Flowing Data:

Eric Fischer maps language communities on Twitter using Chrome's open-source language detector. Each color, chosen to make differences more visibly obvious, represents a language. English is represented in dark gray, which is used just about everywhere, so it doesn't obscure everything else.

The emergence of borders without actually drawing them in is interesting. There's a little bit of blending, but the splits are pretty well-defined. Especially in the Netherlands, where the tweet dispersal seems to be abnormally dense in that area. What's going on over there?

There's also a world version, but Europe is where all the action's at.

 [via @enf]

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Royal Data Throne











[via Everlasting Blort]

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BehindTheMedspeak: iPhone EKG app

You know the old saying, "The first thing to do when arriving at a Code is take your own pulse?"


You never heard that?

I guess you're not in my line of work, then.

No matter.

When this way cool app goes live they're gonna have to update the old saw to "The first thing to do when arriving at a Code is check your own EKG."

Alas, "Not presently available for sale. Not cleared for sale as a medical device in the U.S.A."

Real soon now, though, I'm hoping.

As is the app maker.

In the meantime, watch the movies.

[via Marshall Minshew, my crack New Jersey correspondent and Official Energy Efficiency Consultant of bookofjoe. Apply within. Note that if you identify yourself as a joehead you will receive Marshall's extra special red carpet treatment. I am not at liberty in this open forum to disclose details. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot — if, when you identify yourself as having happened on him via boj, and he responds "Never heard of it," don't push him. Just let me know and I'll take it from there.]

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Bacon Jelly Beans


"60 bacon-flavored jelly beans in a bacon-shaped decorative tin."



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