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November 30, 2011

The Language(s) of Twitter


From Flowing Data:

Eric Fischer maps language communities on Twitter using Chrome's open-source language detector. Each color, chosen to make differences more visibly obvious, represents a language. English is represented in dark gray, which is used just about everywhere, so it doesn't obscure everything else.

The emergence of borders without actually drawing them in is interesting. There's a little bit of blending, but the splits are pretty well-defined. Especially in the Netherlands, where the tweet dispersal seems to be abnormally dense in that area. What's going on over there?

There's also a world version, but Europe is where all the action's at.

 [via @enf]

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Hey Joe,

What is going on in The Netherlands, I think is that it is a very dense populated area only surpassed by England in density and The Dutch 'Tweet' a lot.

It also helps that they choose the nice bright light blue for the Dutch language (Dutch is what we speak in The Netherlands.)

(I always enjoy visiting your site, thank you.)

Posted by: Paul Peters | Dec 1, 2011 7:20:07 AM

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