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November 30, 2011

Time-Lapse Road Trip: Around the U.S. in 5 minutes

From PetaPixel: "Brian DeFrees spent two months between August and October of this year driving a giant loop around the United States on a 12,225-mile-long road trip. He captured a photo every 5 seconds using an intervalometer with his Canon 60D while in his car, and by creating individual time-lapse videos when parked or exploring an area. The result is this epic 5-minute long time-lapse."


Above, his route.

Below, his rig.


The project website is here.

[via Laughing Squid and Viral Viral Videos]

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Wow! Talk about Short Attention Span Theater. That was quite a rush. How beautiful our country is. Still, I gotta love California though. Yes, indeed.

Posted by: tamra | Dec 1, 2011 1:35:01 AM

Downtown Chi. town alert at 4:40! The John Handcock Building. My beautiful city...

Posted by: Frisky | Nov 30, 2011 11:15:07 PM


Posted by: bee | Nov 30, 2011 8:35:55 PM

Only because I yearn for the open highway do I proclaim this video

in my top 10 BOJ postings.

If I had a feather, I would put it in your cap JS!

Posted by: Joe Peach | Nov 30, 2011 7:16:18 PM

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