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November 26, 2011

Finnish Pine Tar Soap


From the website:


According to an old Finnish proverb: "If tar, schnapps and sauna can't help, you're done for!"

The tar we're talking about comes from resin-rich pine or fir trees that are first cut into pieces, then put into a large lime-lined pit with the thick ends left outside, and covered with wet peat.

The pile is then set fire to from below, generating temperatures of up to 400°C in the pits.

The resin (pine tar) begins to flow after 2 days and is tapped and piped off.

This natural tar has been used for skin-care in Finland for centuries, and is now beginning to gain a reputation in the rest of Europe.

It has a very characteristic scent (which may remind some of our customers distantly of Islay whisky) and an intense, unmistakable colour.



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