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December 28, 2011

Genetic Portraits by Ulric Collette


From DeMilked:


"While doing 'an image a day' type of project,


Canada-based photographer Ulric Collette


accidentally ended up creating his first genetic portrait (top)."


"It was made by splicing together photographs of himself and his son."


"Ulric calls his on-going series of spliced photographs of relatives 'Genetic Portraits.'"

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Mr. Tea Mug


"Add some bling to teatime with this mug, featuring a printed exterior and golden handle with three embossed sovereign rings."




[via Jay Mug]

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Confusion Rug


A 2002 design by Sofia, Bulgaria-based Pravdoliub Ivanov.


[via Jay Mug]

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Banana Earbuds


Is that a banana in your ear or are you naturally hard of hearing?


No matter.


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Skull Nickels


From Colossal:


"My friend Ben shot me a link to this article about carved coins called Hobo Nickels. Although the history of carving miniature bas relief sculptures into coins stretches back to the 18th century if not earlier, it was greatly popularized in the early 20th century with the introduction of the Buffalo nickel."


"This particular coin was minted using soft metal and was imprinted with the portrait of an Indian with bold features, making it easier to deface and transform into the portraits of other people, animals, or even scenery. Add to that the idle hands of unemployed artists during the depression (thus, 'hobo') and soon a flood of curious numismatic treasures were born."


"Most of the images on hobo nickels are too folk artsy for my taste, however a number of artists etched away the flesh of the subject to reveal these awesomely macabre skulls. Hobo nickel carving remains a popular hobby today and it even has a society."

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Social Backdrop


Excellent idea.


Why let people see where you're really talking from?


From the website:


Our delightful StarScreen Social Backdrops make video chatting and conferencing fun.

Choose from: Beach, Office, Rushmore, Snow, Venice, Yosemite, Zombies, Bora Bora, Night Club, or Waterfall.

Give your chat buddy the illusion you're in a fresh and exotic environment.

Convert your messy room in an instant.

Includes one reversible nylon backdrop and a custom mounting system that universally attaches to all chair backs.

Folds for storage or can be wall mounted as a room decoration.

43.7" x 29.1".



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What Facebook looked like at launch


More nostalgia?

Have a look at Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Amazon and Google back in the day.

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Bottle Opener/Resealer


Bottle openers are dime a dozen but how about the following, describing what this puppy is capable of?

"Once the resealer is slid into place, the seal is tight enough that none of the liquid will spill even if tipped completely upside down."

As the merchant points out, "The sizes of regular beer bottles are getting larger and craft beers, lambics and ciders are sometimes sized for more than one sitting. This bottle opener and resealer is a great pocket-sized gadget to have in order to make sure that not a drop of that dear brew goes to waste."

Screen Shot 2011-12-27 at 6.27.53 PM

Made in Germany.

Screen Shot 2011-12-27 at 6.28.04 PM

Apply within.

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