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January 12, 2012

Marines Tebowing — Episode 2: "Tebowing is a sign of prayer regardless of what you say."


Reader clifyt offered the quote in the headline up top in a comment on yesterday's Episode 1; the "you" he's referring to is me.

That post produced a flurry of comments (11 as I write this), among them this:

Screen Shot 2012-01-12 at 3.04.07 PM

"We did it because we love the broncos no other reason" is good enough for me.

As I commented yesterday in response to clifyt's comment — "Why should ANYONE in our government's uniform be publicly performing religious rites?":

Tebowing has left the religious space and become a secular gesture, more homage to Tebow and the miracles he produces than to anyone or anything he worships.

As Diana Brewster remarked after reading the original post and comments, "All memes are ironic."

And surely no one can dispute that Tebowing has become a meme, regardless of how you view the pose.

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Mini Wood Speaker


"It plays unique sounds


that can only be enjoyed


from wooden speakers."




Team Tokushima.


[via Fancy]

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A young Frank Zappa plays the bicycle on The Steve Allen Show

From Open Culture: "Frank Zappa bringing his own brand of offbeat music to the American airwaves in 1963. Only 22 years old and not yet famous, Zappa appeared on the Steve Allen Show and made music with some drumsticks, a bass bow, and two garden-variety bicycles — and nothing more."

"The video above gives you mostly the prelude to the actual music. Then, in the first video below, Zappa gives a demo of the instruments."

"Next comes the Concerto for Two Bicycles, which features the show’s house orchestra joining the cacophonous fun."

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Kula Hooks


From websites:



The Kula hook creates a pleasant mood; it looks random and homemade.


Each handmade ball is unique: no two hooks are identical in shape. 


Designed by Iceland-based Bryndís Bolladóttir (above). 


100% felt, made in Iceland.


3.75"L x 2"Ø.



Watch an unboxing and installation here.

Purple, Blue or Black.


Set of two: $33.

[via Jeri Dansky's Organizing & Decluttering News, where she tackles various and sundry forms of disorder in a wonderfully focused way, drilling down deep — real deep, the way I wish my overpaid, underperforming Crack Research Team©™® did — to return a variety of solutions to problems.]

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Lillian Gish in "The Scarlet Letter" (1926)


Wonderful posters


for the


great silent film.

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Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush



[via Tux Life]

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Experts' Expert: The only thing that makes Heathrow bearable


It's amazing how often individuals interviewed for the New York Times "Frequent Flyer" column name London's Heathrow airport as their least favorite.

David Meyers, chief of Smartbox North America, not only did that in Tuesday's paper but also offered a remedy.

He told the Times' Joan Raymond, "The only thing that makes Heathrow bearable is that I discovered an enormous, oversize Cadbury candy bar called the Dairy Milk Whole Nut bar. It's as big as a laptop."

I've heard many English expats lament the unavailability of the Cadbury Dairy Milk bar in this country.

My Podunk town's Foods of All Nations has them and I tried one: very, very delicious indeed.

Don't be fooled by the ones sold on Amazon: they're made in the U.S. and a horse of an entirely different color than the British-made ones (pictured up top) carried by Foods of All Nations.

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Tool Tank


From the website:



"Multi-tool key chain featuring three screwdriver heads disguised within the tracks."

"Each screw-head attachment magnetically fixes into the turret."

"Includes large and small Phillips head and flat head.


Green or Red.


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