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January 17, 2012

Ant Painting — Ant farms are SO 20th century

In today's Washington Post we learn about this new discipline, courtesy of Aaron Leitko who wrote the following:

Ant Painting: Unique Identification of Insects

This has to rank among the more tedious tasks given to grad students: To distinguish among ants used in experiments, researchers use a brush to paint color codes on their itty-bitty backs. For the benefit of budding entomologists and, really, anybody else who wants to go all Georges Seurat on a bunch of bugs, scientists at Arizona State University's Pratt Laboratory have assembled a handy how-to video, which they recently posted on YouTube. The instructions are practical: How do you keep them from wriggling? Knock them out with carbon dioxide. How do you hold them in place? Bind them to a sponge with a single strand of human hair. How much paint do you need? Not much.

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Pac-Man Fleece Blanket — Wocka wocka nom nom burrrr!


50" x 60".



[via CSYCB]

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Sam Maloof: "And that's the arm."

In this 1990 video the legendary furniture maker, then 74, takes a piece of wood and shapes a chair arm on his bandsaw, cutting compound curves freehand.

Great artists make it look effortless.

When making a chair, said Maloof, "I do it all by eye. I do it by feel. I use the measure of my hand rather than a rule.... People have asked me how I go about developing a design. There are three things that I emphasize: eye, hand, and heart."

James Lord, interviewing Alberto Giacometti in his studio, watched the artist draw.

He said to him, "You make it look so easy."

Giacometti replied, "It is easy. All it takes is a lifetime.

In last Thursday's Wall Street Journal, Jeremy Hildreth wrote about "The House That Sam Built," a show featuring 35 pieces of Maloof's furniture, up at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California through January 30.

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Webble Active Footrest


"Grab your board and go desktop surfing with me."



[via Fancy]

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"A Thing or Two About Twins"


That's the title of the cover story of National Geographic's January 2012 issue.

Read the piece — free — or download it/print it out before it disappears behind a pay wall.

The accompanying photo galleries — by Jodi Cobb and Martin Schoeller — are mind-blowing.

Fair warning.

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Toad's Earphones — Super Mario Bros delight




Toad entered our world in 1985 and it's taken 27 years to finally get his earphones right.



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Recreational Orthopedics


Say what?


There's a rotation I missed during med school and internship.


From the website:

Welcome to  RecOrtho.com, home for recreational orthopedics.

What is Recreational Orthopedics?

Recreational Orthopedics is the private art of wearing orthopedic devices for fun. Orthopedic devices used by those interested in this art include Casts, Braces, Crutches, Wheelchairs and verious other orthopedic paraphanalia.

Why do we do this?No one really knows what attract's us to such an interest. I don't think any of expected that we would be orthopedic hobbiests when we grew up, but somehow we are here.

I only learned of the existence of recreational orthopedics and RecOrtho.com a moment ago, when I saw it was the second most frequent referral site to bookofjoe:


I had my Crack Research Team®™© drill down:

Screen Shot 2012-01-15 at 8.13.06 PM

and it would appear that the February 23, 2010 post "Casttoo — Waterproof X-ray cast tattoo" is the targeted entry.


Nice job, team.


The photographs above and below


depict a variety of Casttoos.

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Create-a-Crock — Personalized Crock-Pot


Who knew?

From the website:


Bring more to the table by adding a special touch to your meals with a customized Crock-Pot slow cooker. Simply choose from a variety of designs and upload your favorite photos. CREATE-A-CROCK... for yourself, for a gift, or just for fun!

The ideal Crock-Pot slow cooker for cooking a roast or two chickens, it also makes easy work of soup, chili, stew and all your favorite slow cooker recipes. The high, low and warm settings accommodate varied cooking needs and time constraints, and clean up is a snap with dishwasher-safe removable stoneware that doubles as a convenient serving dish complete with dishwasher-safe glass lid. If the outside of your customized slow cooker gets dirty, you can wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth.

Features and Specifications:

• 5.5 quart capacity; serves approximately 5-6 people; holds a 6lb. roast
• Convenient warm setting keeps food warm without overcooking
• Dishwasher-safe stoneware and lid for easy clean-up
• Removable oval stoneware
• Recipes included



[via reader Virginia Moore who wrote in a comment on Saturday's personalized Kleenex box post, "Did you know you can also personalize your new crockpot?" We do now.]

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