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January 15, 2012

Confederate sub H.L. Hunley, sunk in 1864, unveiled


The Hunley was the first submarine in history to sink an enemy warship.


It was raised off the coast of South Carolina almost a dozen years ago, then brought to a conservation lab in North Charleston where it has been undergoing preservation ever since.


According to a January 12 Daily Mail story, "The next step in the process of conserving the Hunley is modifying its conservation tank so chemicals can be used to dissolve the salt and encrustation on the hull. That should happen in about six months and then, after three months in the chemical bath, scientists will drain the tank and begin using hand tools to remove the deposits."


It is still not known why the sub sank on a winter night in 1864.

"The sub and its crew of eight were lost after it rammed a spar with a black powder charge into the federal blockade ship Housatonic."

"There are theories that the sub could have been damaged by fire from the Housatonic or the crew knocked out from concussion from the blast. Another theory is the sub was struck by another Union vessel coming to help the Housatonic."

"The remains of the crew, who were buried in 2004 in what was called the last Confederate funeral, were found at their stations and there seemed to have been no rush to the escape hatch."

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Puts a completely different spin on "The south shall rise again."

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