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January 15, 2012

My new roof — Episode 2: roofofjoe


I like it.

A lot!

Can't help but enhance my property's value.

And think of the joy amongst my neighbors.

I can hardly imagine.

This post was triggered by Episode 1 of "My new roof," which appeared here last Tuesday and generated many comments (20 to date).

Custom roofing design by the one and only Saul Castellanos, a long-time reader who in his spare time doubles as a business analyst. 

You can contact him here: ceo@multipreneur.biz.

Or call him direct — 210-654-3625 — and be sure to tell him I sent you: that'll be his signal to offer you his friends-and-family special.

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Some insurance companies are now doing drive-by inspections of houses, and may refuse to renew your insurance until you have replaced the roof and sent proof of replacement to your insurance agent. The more polite companies give plenty of notice.

There are some shingles that have the Energy Star rating and qualify for a federal tax credit. See paragraph 3C at IRS Form 5695:


An example of such a shingle is the GAF Timberline Prestique Lifetime white shingle. They have a lot of titanium dioxide in them, but do not appear white to the eye.

Some roofing companies have salesmen who provide estimates, and sell a roof only about 1 or 2 times out of 10 attempts. Those failed sales calls must be paid for by people who buy the roofs. I got a good deal on my new roof because the owner of the company does all the estimates himself, and sells 3 or 4 roofs out of 10 attempts. He referred to his approach as a "different business model."

Posted by: Charles E Flynn | Jan 15, 2012 3:00:08 PM

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