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January 18, 2012

PaperPro Stapler — One of my top 10 household items


This is #3 in this recently inaugurated series.

Simply put, it's the best stapler I've ever used.


Because one finger's pressure can staple together 20 sheets of paper.

Can your stapler do that?

Didn't think so.

For those with physical limitations, this is the stapler from heaven.

In a rainbow of colors: $18.29.

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If you can find one of these, you'll be spoiled for life


Posted by: Scott | Jan 19, 2012 10:55:24 PM

These are the greatest!

I have on from Staples that will do up to 20 with a normal staple,

and up to 60 with a heavy duty staple, all effortlessly.

Posted by: JoePeach | Jan 18, 2012 1:07:26 PM

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