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January 14, 2012

Swiss Army Knife with 1TB — yes, terabyte — flash drive


Pictured above, it features what Victorinox says is "the world's smallest high-capacity SSD (solid state drive)."

One terabyte = 1,000 gigabytes, more than most people have on their laptop hard or flash drives.

"The flash drive, which is capable of 22MB/s read and 15MB/s write, is removable from the knife body, making it easy to plug into your computer. It also features a 96×49 Bi-stable monochrome display, which will show you what's on your device and how much room you have left."

Available in April: $3,000.

[via the Wall Street Journal and Digital Trends]

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18.5 hours to write enough data to fill it up.

Posted by: Jeff | Jan 14, 2012 10:38:33 PM

And you'll have to throw it in the trash before you board an airplane. Worst keychain ever. This is a cute product, and amazing, but totally dumb. I will be shocked if they sell 100 of them worldwide.

Posted by: Todd Beck | Jan 14, 2012 5:12:10 PM

$3k could buy three, possibly four LaCie Big Disk 8-12 Terabyte 4Big Quadra RAID arrays at Amazon. 30-36 Terabytes, with RAID redundancy, and multiple bandwidth connectors from eSata to FireWire and USB 3; or, a slew of 16GBs Thunderbolt drives at 2Terabytes each all daisy-chain able out to over 100 drives ....

Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | Jan 14, 2012 4:11:01 PM

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