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February 1, 2012

Exhumation of a long-buried and forgotten Volkswagen single cab

The YouTube caption: "Took the syncro for a Sunday drive and spotted an old single cab in the foothills outside Idaho Falls. This is nine hours worth of digging condensed into a 15-minute video. It had been sitting in a wash since 1967 [45 years]. It was buried under two feet of dirt but it's extremely rust free given the circumstances. The drop gates hadn't seen the light of day for 45 years."

From the comments on the video: 

Q. What year is this single cab?

A. It is a 1959. Been sitting since 1967.

[via Alan Fick]

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Urbano Trash Can


This item appears here because I like the green and because it looks great when it's empty, without the plastic bags it's meant to house.


With the bags in play, it's all function and no form.

From the website:


Winner of the 2005 Pratt Product Design Competition, this clever trash can allows you to store and reuse the plastic bags that you collect from shopping in a neat, organized way.

Simply loop trash bags around the cut-out sides and push them all the way down, creating a visual of stacked handles all along the side.

When you are ready to use one, just move it up to the handles and hook so that it won't fall in on itself.

Recycled polypropylene.

16"L x 8"W x 18"H.       


Video demonstration here.

Green or Black.


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Google Public Alerts

Screen Shot 2012-02-01 at 1.00.33 PM

Wrote Leah and Kay last Friday, "The only trouble is that you have to remember it's google.org/publicalerts. I tried pulling it up in a variety of ways but no — it has to be .org, not .com."

From a review of Google Public Alerts: "Today the king of search is launching a fresh virtual apparatus as part of its Crisis Response project. Dubbed 'Public Alerts,' the feature is accessible from within Google Maps, keeping you in the loop during times of high alert. Your search query will trigger things like weather relevant to your area, public safety and earthquake alerts, provided by the NOAA, the National Weather Service and the US Geological Survey. The Crisis Response squad says its goal is 'to surface emergency information through the online tools you use everyday.' Those of you stateside can start using Public Alerts now —as for the rest, let's hope that the search giant brings its alerts to a map near you sooner rather than later."

Fair warning: There goes the day.

[via engadget]

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Veggie Face Stress Balls


Whoa, way too much going on that description, let's deconstruct it, what?


From the website:




Stress balls with squishy faces that melt away tension.

Eggplant, Tomato or Green Pepper.

A clever and healthy way to "face" the day.

Designed by Makiko Yoshida.

Made of polyurethane foam poured into Yoshida's molds in Japan.

Care and Maintenance:

• If soiled, wash with mild soap and water; pat dry or drip dry.

• Dust with corn starch or baby powder as needed to remove stickiness.

• Not a toy; intended for adults only.    

• Do not chew or eat.    


Apiece, $45.

You say you can make your own for a hundredth of that price?

Go for it.

But don't get all stressed out doing it.

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Ning Network says "sayonara" to bookofjoe — why aren't I more upset?


Maybe because when I got the takedown notice (above) yesterday afternoon, I couldn't even remember what Ning was?


How's that for a start?


Even after reading the notice a couple times, I still couldn't figure out what it was.

So I had a look at bookofjoe.ning.com — so can you!

Not a whole lot going on there.

So I guess I'll shrug and move along.

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Blank Canvas Bib — We're all born Jackson Pollocks; why not save the evidence?


From the website:


This clever cotton bib is designed as a canvas for artful spills, stains and dribbles.

Printed with a gallery scene, silhouetted figures stare up at the day's art du jour.


A fun and functional way to embrace the stain.

13"H x 10"W; fits 6-24 months. 


"Embrace the stain" — catchy, what?


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Frank "Sugar Chile" Robinson plays "Caldonia"

Following closely on Monday's post featuring a fantastically talented kid on keyboards at his local Best Buy comes this blast from the past.

The clip up top is from the 1946 film "No Leave No Love, and features seven-year-old Frank "Sugar Chile" Robinson, born in Detroit on December 28, , 1938.

It's worth expanding the YouTube caption to read more about this fantastic artist.

According to Wikipedia, "In 1946, he played for President Harry S. Truman at the White House, shouting out "How'm I doin', Mr. President?" — which became his catchphrase — during his performance of "Caldonia."

[via Tam Donovan]

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Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 2.12.15 PM

Say what?

Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 2.12.01 PM

From the website:


Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 2.12.10 PM

What looks like an Arctic front freezing its way through the center of your bottle is actually the innovative Corkcicle. 

This icicle is made of BPA-free plastic filled with a reusable freeze gel, so you don't have to worry about an early thaw diluting your wine. 

Simply place your Corkcicle in the freezer for at least two hours and then insert it into any bottle of wine (after 1 glass has been poured) to maintain chilled white wine or to bring up red wines to their perfect temperature. 

The Corkcicle enhances the subtleties of wines' complex flavors. 

Plastic, cork, food-grade freeze gel.

Hand wash only.

12"H x 2"Ø.



Shouldn't it be "Corksicle?"



Still haven't wasted enough time?

No problema: watch this video starrring the Corkcicle, that'll chew up a few more minutes.

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