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February 27, 2012

The Art of Dying ("Ars Moriendi")


Commented reader Alan Fick on yesterday's "Why Doctors Die Differently" post, "I thought this was addressed in 1415: "Ars Moriendi."

He's right.

And it will be addressed again and again in centuries to come — unless Kurzweil's nailed it and the Singularity puts paid to death.

While we wait, the Encyclopedia of Death and Dying has put together a nice essay on "Ars Moriendi."

Caption for the woodcut up top, from "Ars Moriendi": "The Devil with a hooking staff and Death himself with a soldier's pike are attempting to snare the soul of this dying man. The threatened soul, pictured as a tiny person, prays for help as an Angel offers protection. "Ars Moriendi" depictions such as this manuscript illustration from fourteenth century England warned believers that they must live the good life or face hideous punishment after death."

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David Litzler's Helen Lamp


Wrote Rima Suqi in the February 23, 2012 New York Times "Currents" feature: "David Litzler was stuck in a booth at the end of an odd aisle in the Javits Convention Center during the International Gift Fair last month. It was the first time showing at the fair for Mr. Litzler, 36, a Seattle designer, and he was introducing his first product design, the Helen lamp [above and below]."  


"Named after his late mother, the lamp is made of powder-coated folded steel with an alder-wood base. Mr. Litzler, who says the design was inspired in part by Philippe Starck's Miss Sissi lamp, makes each one himself, in his garage."


Yellow, Red, White or Blue.



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Where is this? (But wait, there's more).


What is it — a bit harder, no?

Hint: Not a restaurant; in fact, it has nothing to do with food.

Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Rabbit Fun Tab Stickers


"These animal-themed Post-It-style tab stickers will bring a smile to your face as they draw your attention to a page you have saved. Whether it's in a cookbook, novel, or work folder, they will happily save your place. Paper material is about the same thickness as a Post-It and can also be written on."


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Anselm Kiefer at work

"From Open Culture: "'Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow,' a newish film directed by Sophie Fiennes, lets you sit back and watch the German artist Anselm Kiefer at work, creating his large-scale 'world of ruination.' The film has no narration, only some musical accompaniment. And, more than anything, it gives you a direct, unembellished view of Kiefer’s 'alchemical creative process' that regularly takes over his studio in southern France. Above, Kiefer puts the finishing touches on, then raises, one of his elaborate creations. The clip, along with others, appears in a larger, more compelling format on the film's official web site."

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My new favorite reading glasses

Screen Shot 2012-02-25 at 6.13.08 PM

Pictured above, they're Dr. Dean Edell's Classic Series Plastic Full-Eye in Tortoise with Spring Hinges.

They cost $15.84 a pair — 10 times more than the four for $5.99 iteration I've been using for years — but they're far more comfortable, look a lot better, and are much easier to keep clean than the cheapos because the excellent spring hinge mechanism holds them open instead of the stems flopping around when I'm trying to wipe off my fingerprints and Gray Cat's hair.

Dr. Edell's reading glasses come in all magnifications in both this and a variety of other styles.

I first learned of their existence in a Wall Street Journal Magazine article about Brian Grazer, who gets his for $1.99 a pair at a Walmart in Honolulu.

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Paper Hummingbird


Early work (prior to 2001) by Korean artist Cheong-ah Hwang.

[via Fancy]

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Comme des Garcons Limited-Edition Super-Fluorescent Zip-Around Wallet


8" x 4" x 1".



[via Svpply]

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