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February 29, 2012

World record paper airplane throw: 226 feet 10 inches

Pictured above, it was achieved by former Cal quarterback Joe Ayoob this past Sunday.

From grindtv: "Airplanes are kept in hangars and flown outdoors, but Joe Ayoob on Sunday set a potential world distance record with a flight that never left its hangar at McClellan Air Force Base in Northern California. Ayoob, a former college quarterback, tossed a paper airplane that soared a remarkable 226 feet, 10 inches. If verified by Guinness World Records, the toss will shatter the existing indoor record of 207 feet, 4 inches, set by Stephen Kreiger in 2003. (The event was staged to conform with Guinness rules, and Kreiger was on hand as a judge). Ayoob, who was a star at the University of California at Berkeley, was quick to credit John Collins, who designed the aircraft."

[via Richard Kashdan]

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Wireless Couch Mouse — "Mouse around on your sofa, carpet or bed"

Screen Shot 2012-02-25 at 7.03.11 PM

"A sealed bottom [lowest photo] — so fabric fuzz won't collect in the sensor opening — gives you cursor control no matter what surface you're using your mouse on."


Wrote Doug Alberg, who sent me a link to the mouse, "For those of us with cats that like to hang out around the computer, this solves the problem of cat fur interfering with mousing performance."

Screen Shot 2012-02-25 at 6.51.00 PM

Hmmm... I wonder if it would work on Gray Cat's furry back — could be a win-win. 



Note added at 11:10 p.m.: I just reread this post and decided there was only one way to find out if this puppy would work on Gray Cat's back: ordered.

Stay tuned for a video review in the near future.

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How to delete your Google browsing history


Wrote reader Kay, who sent me the link: "Pick any article. My Google search history shows back to 2-7-2007. I apparently searched for Tom Waits, the Gabor sisters, Ewan McGregor, glass houses, Kentucky Derby and Paolo Conte and a myriad of other things. Sounds about right."

"I haven't decided if I want to completely erase my history or not, perhaps after I read through it to see where I was and what I was thinking. Like finding an old 'To-do' List in your coat pocket."


Google tells you how to pause your Web history here.

Screen Shot 2012-02-28 at 7.20.16 PM

Fair warning: there goes the day.

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Coroner's Bookmark


The past week's posts have got a definite death buzz.


Wonder what that's all about?


But I digress.


Silicone rubber.


4" x 5" x 0.75".


[via The Green Head]

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New York Times switches to Facebook Timeline — back to 1851


Fair warning: there goes the day.

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Shower Shelf transforms towel rack into a shelf


Nicely done.


From the website :




The patented Shower Shelf transforms a towel bar into a shelf able to hold all of your soaps, shampoos, razors, and shower accessories. It organizes your bathroom while making it easier to find the items you need in the shower.

You can use the Shower Shelf on any towel bar, whether inside your shower or elsewhere in the bathroom. Get rid of the rust rings on the bathroom floor and have an organized place in your shower.

The Shower Shelf takes about 3-6 seconds to install. You simply place the shelf on the shower bar.

Our patented no-slip system transforms your towel bar to a shelf while allowing full use of the towel bar.

How it works:

It's simple, you just put the shelf on your towel rack — and it works! You dont need suction cups or clamps. And there is no drilling into the tile — just slide the Shower Shelf down behind the towel bar and you're done.

The Shower Shelf is made from high-density polyethylene. It is stain-resistant and very durable. It has a slip-resistant surface and is put together with stainless steel screws that won't rust. To clean it, you just take it down and wipe it off — stains won't stick, and soap scum, mold and mildew just wipe right off.

The Shower Shelf comes with two slots for hanging your loofahs. It also has two openings that can be used for razors or anything you can think of that will fit there. Put your heaviest bottles directly over the shelf brackets for optimum efficiency.



[via Jeri Dansky]

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Leap Day's Official Song — "Jump"

It's not even close.

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Limited-Edition Plughole Ashtray


From the website:



To celebrate the launch of our new website, we are proud to bring back the first ever product by Monkey Business (back then it was "Freddy Made"), Oded Friedland's Plughole Ashtray.


Launched initially in 1992, this item has been out of production for many years.

We have a soft spot for this useful accessory but it will not be making it back into our current catalogue, so the only place you can get yourself one is here.

There are only a few hundred available so get yours now before they are gone forever.

10 x 5 x 5 cm. 



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