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February 11, 2012

Bomb Magazine Online


It wasn't all that long ago that I regularly enjoyed what I dubbed "powereads" at my Podunk town's Barnes & Noble in Barracks Road Shopping Center.

A poweread consisted of gathering up a bunch of magazines on all manner of topcs whose covers looked at all interesting,  then taking them to an untrafficked area of the store and systematically reading through them over a period of two to four hours, sometimes as many as 40 or 50.

I really enjoyed that. 

I'd use the subscription cards that came fluttering out to jot down quotes, names, facts, websites, whatever I wanted to follow up on at home.

I haven't been inside that Barnes & Noble in a long time, maybe over a year, and it's been years since my last poweread.

Now it's all online apart from the magazines I still subscribe to in dead tree format (New Yorker, Atlantic, Economist, Scientific American, Sports Illustrated, Cook's Illustrated, Make, Bloomberg Businessweek).

One magazine I really liked and usually included in my powereads was Bomb, a quarterly begun in 1981 featuring artists in all disciplines interviewing other artists.

In 2007 Bomb started putting its archives online and the effort is continuing.

Wrote Carol Vogel in yesterday's New York Times "Inside Art" column, "A $138,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation will make it possible to continue digitizing Bomb’s remaining archives, which, besides the interviews, include essays by artists about artists."

"... users can access transcripts of interviews between unlikely artists in various fields — Tony Kushner by Craig Lucas; Vito Acconci talking to Richard Prince; Laurie Anderson and Marina Abramovic — as well as find deeper information about the artists' lives and their work."

Oh, yeah, it's free — the way we like it.

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