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February 7, 2012

Experts' Expert: JotNot best free scanner app for iPhone


"App Smart" columnist Bob Tedeschi of the New York Times tried 'em all and anointed JotNot Scanner the king of the hill.


He wrote:



JotNot's free and paid versions include an image stabilization feature that snaps the photo only when the phone is perfectly still, but my hands failed to meet this standard. I grew weary of waiting for the app to take the photo automatically, and as a result I struggled to get a snapshot that was completely free of blurry words.


Once the page was photographed, JotNot placed it into a frame with grid lines that I dragged across the image to orient the text horizontally.

It worked nicely. The text lay flat on the screen and, even with a few slightly blurry words, it was easy to read. You can pinch and zoom the page to get a closer look at words and phrases, and if you are scanning batches of pages, JotNot lets you build a multipage document.

The free version of JotNot includes ads, which is both annoying and a waste of valuable space on an already small screen, but it is a good app for those who merely want to test out the category.

It is worth spending $2 for the Pro version, which provides added screen room and other important benefits โ€” chief among them the ability to export images via e-mail to an Evernote account or DropBox.

The only way to export a scan with the free version is to send it as a fax or print it โ€” if, that is, you own a printer that connects to your device wirelessly. If you can export the document digitally, as with the Pro version, you can then retrieve it using a device that is wired to a printer.

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