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February 20, 2012

Leica Telephoto Assembly Rifle aka "Leica Gun"


Sold at auction October 30, 2011 for $100,000.


"Leica Telephoto Assembly Rifle, known as the 'Leica Gun' or, in Germany, as the 'Leica Gewehr.' A product of the E. Leitz agency in New York in the 1930s, the Leica Rifle is the rarest of all accessories."


"This example is in wonderful condition. The viewfinder is Nr. 123 and is marked 'E. Leitz Inc. New-York.' The complete outfit includes the special base plate, original case, a 200mm Telyt f4,5 that is hazy, a Leica IIIa as well as an eyepiece magnifier for the PLOOT. It is a beauty."


"For a complete Leica collection. Condition: Ex++."


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Leica made several models, the last one with a 400mm Apo-Telyt (made in the late 1970's when apochromatic lens elements were very tough to manufacture) and the intended use was nature and sports photography. The price kept the product out of reach for most actual users. A collector bought this one and has realized at least a 75% profit by simply storing the critter.

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