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February 16, 2012

Periodic Table Building Blocks


That's different.

From websites:


The set includes 20 brightly colored basswood blocks that contain the entire periodic table.

The six sides feature a unique element's name, atomic number and symbol in bright blue, purple, green, red, orange or pink.

Handmade in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Blocks measure 1.75"/side.

Ages 2 and up.


"Ages 2 and up" is great news โ€” over 90% of my readers qualify.


Mandarin (below): $42.


Spanish: $38.

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Thank you, 6.02*10^23. :)

Posted by: Kay | Feb 17, 2012 9:50:49 AM

Breaking news brought to you by block As:

Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | Feb 16, 2012 2:50:12 PM

I guess that I had that one coming.

Nice idea, but who to gift it to? Nephew is an engineering student. At 19 I doubt that he plays with blocks.

Grandchildren are too old to play with blocks and too young for (today's gutted version) chemistry sets.

I suppose today's politicians might mix old and new to form AuH2O... Jewlers could have C, Pt, Au, Ag and a touch of Pb.

Joe would go for N2O.

Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | Feb 16, 2012 1:54:02 PM

6.02*10^23? Comments?

Posted by: Kay | Feb 16, 2012 12:31:57 PM

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