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March 17, 2012

"The Mounting Minuses at Google+"


The graphic above, which accompanied Amir Efrati's above-headlined story in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal, says it all.

In case you can't be bothered with the details, let me summarize: Facebook visitors in January of this year spent an average of 405 minutes on the site; visitors to Google+ spent an average of 3 minutes — for the entire month — there.

Seems to me it's past time for Larry and Sergey to issue the equivalent of Bill Gates's memorable 1995 throwdown — "The Internet Tidal Wave" —  directed at his Microsoft minions as the Internet threatened to swamp Redmond like a Fukushima tsunami.

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Pasta Pincher


Designed by Emily Rothschild who wrote, "A utensil to help you pluck noodles from the pot for requisite pasta taste testing. Part pasta spoon and part tongs, this handy tool can stir, scoop, strain, and pinch."


Stainless steel and wood.


Want one?


Email Ms. Rothschild (emilyarothschild@gmail.com) and tell her I sent you: you'll be sure to get V.I.P. treatment.

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Twitter ChirpClock


Wrote @stevesilberman, "Nearly every second,


someone on Earth tweets what time it is."


"So @mikebodge built ChirpClock."


[via dmdlikes]

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In Case Vase — Sara Ebert


"Ensures a perfect blade-like edge on every one of her bottle-like weapons."


Wrote the designer: "The perforated ornamentation on the In Case Vase provides a secondary and potentially life-saving purpose."


"Were an intruder to attack, the vase can be smashed and turned against the aggressor. The pattern creates optimal shards to aid in your protection."


Part of the show "Threat: Objects for Defense and Protection."

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Fukushima radiation in the Pacific — Time-lapse video

YouTube caption: "Radioactive sea water particle tracing from Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant."

More here.

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Superman Cape Socks — Episode 2: As worn by Robert Griffin III at the Heisman Trophy ceremony


These socks first appeared here on March 4.


If they're good enough for RG III — who appears headed to the Redskins in the upcoming NFL draft as the second pick overall after a blockbuster trade — then they ought to be plenty good enough for you.


Above and below,


photos of Heisman winner Griffin wearing his at the December 10, 2011 trophy ceremony.


Still $9.99.

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"Traditional Irish Cheese Ravioli Shamrocks" (Happy St. Patrick's Day!)


"Spotted in Washington, D.C."

[via Broadsheet.ie]


Note added at 10:24 a.m. today: Erica Taylor says "Sold at Costco!"

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Writer's T-shirt guaranteed to make you the hit of the party


[via Joe Wallace's twitpic and Sandra Gulland]

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