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March 23, 2012

Am I ready to take bookofjoe mobile?

Screen Shot 2012-03-22 at 4.39.29 PM

I received the following email from ShareSquare yesterday afternoon: "A few folks have already reconsidered their existing content & navigation to build a distinct (and much more effective) touch mobile experience. Get up and running in minutes with a fully-functional new mobile site free."

I did like they said and put my URL into their search box to see how bookofjoe would look after being reconstituted for mobile.

The result (below) wasn't pretty.

Screenf Shot 2012-03-22 at 4.13.03 PM copy

Maybe I was supposed to add milk instead of water.


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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: larger than a bread box.

Another: not Photoshopped.*

*No "What is it?" object has ever been Photoshopped — at least by me after I happened on it.

Why is that?

Because I don't have Photoshop on my computer nor have I ever used it.

Way, way above my TechnoDolt®™©** pay grade.

**It has been pointed out to me by one particularly acute observer that sometimes it's TechnoDolt®™© and other times TechnoDolt©™®.

My response: Your point?

Who knows which is correct?

As with, for example, traveler/traveller, there are sometimes two ways to express the same thing.


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"Not confidence inspiring"


That was the message under the subject line "NY Hotel Amenities," accompanied by the photo above, just in from a member of my Crack Pittsburgh Correspondent Team®™© currently in Gotham on a deep black mission.

Gray Cat is monitoring things from her customary spot in the boj Situation Room atop the toasty Comcast Xfinity cable box under the TV.

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Folding Bike Lock











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Women's Public Toilet


Designed by Cordula Kehrer who wrote,


"No more filthy toilet lids, spray on the rim, and dirty hinges in public toilets. The toilets we use at home (and clean ourselves) don't work in public. The public toilet needs to be simplified and altered to our hygienic requirements."


"The front of this design is difficult to soil because of its angled rim, which allows the user to lean against it if necessary. This makes use easier, especially for the elderly."

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Fantastic Playing Cards (Limited Edition)


Created by Monja Gentschow,


whose drawings and illustrations in pen, pencil, tape, and watercolors over a period of more than a year resulted in a deck of cards suitable for gamblers, collectors, map fetishists, fortune tellers, and imbibers (they're water-resistant).


Second edition, limited to 200 pieces.



Cheap at twice the price.

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Chuck Jones shows how to draw Bugs Bunny

"Details, details...."

[via Likecool]

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Clean Bottle


What took so long?

Both the bottom and the top unscrew so you can thoroughly clean the inside, which can be a problem if you've used your bottle for anything other than plain water.

Back in 2008 Apartment Therapy featured Sherwood Forlee's Perfect Peanut Butter Jar, which worked the same way.

For whatever reason — probably cost, since two working lids cost more to fabricate than one, plus letting you get all the peanut butter out would only delay your purchase of the next jar, not exactly good for the bottom line — it never took off.

Nicely done, Clean Bottle folk.



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