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March 19, 2012

Tie-down Tea Cup


What took so long?

Screen Shot 2012-03-18 at 7.00.43 PM

Designed by George Lee.


From the website:



Tie-down Tea Cup solves the eternal problem of fishing around for that tea bag that's inevitably fallen into your cup.

Designed like a boat dock cleat — your tea bag won't go floating away.

Simply tie your teabag to the tab and you're all set.

3.5"Ø x 4.18"H.

Holds 12 oz.




Bitter, aren't you?

Admit it: you'd love to have one — if only they made a left-handed version.

Guess what?

My Crack Research Team®™© went way deep and found it for you.



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Exactly, Graeme. That's what I do. The last time I bought a tea mug, it cost me $2.04.

Posted by: Becs | Mar 20, 2012 7:54:31 PM

What's wrong with looping the string around the handle? Works for me and doesn't introduce a weak point which will only get snapped off in the dishwasher/sink.

Posted by: Graeme | Mar 20, 2012 12:28:26 AM

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