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March 11, 2012

"Who's There?" Chair


By industrial designer Daniel Ballou, it's made from maple and stainless steel.


Wrote Ballou, "In the movies, jamming a chair under the doorknob can keep a threat away. That idea seldom works in reality. This chair plays on that Hollywood icon of defense, while making it functional. The back structure is steel and has leveling feet (like an extension ladder). A notch in the backrest is at the perfect height to interface with a doorknob, and rubber grips on the feet keep it in place."


The chair is part of the show "Threat: Objects for Defense and Protection."

The exhibition opened Friday at Present Company in Brooklyn and closed yesterday; starting today (Sunday, March 11) and through the show's close next Thursday (March 15), viewing is by appointment only.

Information: info@americandesignclub.com

[via Rima Suqi and the New York Times]

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I thought for sure that those front legs would come off as handy little bats.

Posted by: marshall | Mar 11, 2012 11:04:03 AM

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