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March 20, 2012

"Walking in Fabrizio Viti's Shoes"

From Trendland: "Fashion dolls have been a central inspiration for Fabrizio Viti, Louis Vuitton's shoe style director. He has been collecting dolls since he was three years old and as a result today has a collection of around 500 pieces. Dive into his colorful universe with this stop-motion film produced by Les Courtisans for New Now, Louis Vuitton's online magazine."

"The shoe department at Louis Vuitton is inextricably connected to the sphere of dolls. Exactly the same workshop in Fiesso d'Artico, Italy — where the Louis Vuitton shoe collections are created — is entrusted with the task of fabricating parallel miniature versions for Fabrizio Viti's private doll collection. The attention to detail is striking and in this short animation, his dolls and shoes come to life."

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