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April 16, 2012

The 3 rules of do-it-yourself home repairs


1. Every job will require at least two extra trips to the hardware store.

2. Everything you fix will cause you to discover or create two new problems.

3. Plumbing is the toughest job.

My own mixed track record over decades of fixes pretty much confirms the observations above, by Adam Bryant writing recently in the New York Times on the occasion of his wife's presenting him with a top-of-the-line cordless drill to pre-empt his litany of excuses for why he wasn't tackling a number of jobs around their house.

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Nose Pencil Sharpener


"Amuse yourself while using this comical office supply. Stick a pencil up the nostril, give it a twist and and it will come out clean and sharp."

Wrote one satisfied customer, "At some people's houses you can hear the children asking to pass the pencil sharpener to each other. At our house we pass the nose. We had to pass it so often we just bought everyone their own nose!"

Size: 2-1/4" x 1-3/4".

From 44 cents (pencil not included).

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Inside Instruments


From The daily irrelevant:


"This print campaign for the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra uses macro photographs taken inside the cramped spaces of instruments,


making the inner workings of a violin, cello, flute, and pipe organ appear vast and spacious, almost as if you could walk around inside them."


Art directed by photographer Bjoern Ewers.


[via Richard Kashdan and Behance]

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Carpe Diem Calendar


"Each day is a pre-cut square that you can remove. This will make you feel that the day is ending and think about the way you have made use of it."


"Its one-page format lets you plan your year very easily as each stamp has a white space for a note, meeting, exam, etc."


Where was this puppy during my internship, when at the end of every day, upon returning to room 411 in the old Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center Intern-Resident Dorm, I'd carefully draw a red "X" through the day on my hand-made yearly calendar grid beginning June 24?


Not to worry about the fact that a third of the year is nearly over: think of the exquisite pleasure of peeling off all those squares to get to the present day.


Measures 39"  x 19.5".



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Monster snake: Titanoboa was 48 feet long

"She's longer than a bus, eats crocodiles for breakfast, and makes the anaconda look like a garter snake."

Watch in its entirety the Smithsonian TV show about the prehistoric serpent Titanoboa, originally broadcast on April 1, here.

Fair warning: there goes the next 53:39.

[via The Huffington Post and the New York Times]

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Mobile Bedcube










Apply within.

[via Fancy]

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Mona Lisa – What lies beneath


Long story (by Suzanne Daley in Saturday's New York Times) short about the Prado's copy (above) of the Mona Lisa (below):


"It turns out that the Prado's Mona Lisa is not just any 500-year-old copy. It was most likely painted by someone who was sitting right next to Leonardo da Vinci, trying to duplicate his every brush stroke, as he produced his famous lady with the enigmatic smile."

"When Leonardo adjusted the size of the Mona Lisa's head or corrected her hands or slimmed her bosom or lowered her bodice, so did whoever was painting the Prado's Mona Lisa."

"The copy, now restored, offers details that are obscured in the original Mona Lisa. For instance, the copy shows an armrest where none can be seen in the original, and reflectographs show a much clearer image of her waistline."

"There is no doubt, however, that the Prado painting was not a copy made by Leonardo himself. While the corrections are identical, the lines are not."

"The Prado's Mona Lisa is on loan to the Louvre until June."


Caption for the graphic above: "A layer of black paint covered the background of the copy of the Mona Lisa (left). The black layer was removed during a recent restoration, revealing a preserved background (right)."

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Landscape Dinner Set



Screen Shot 2012-04-14 at 6.08.45 PM


Screen Shot 2012-04-14 at 6.09.12 PM

€25 .

[via hensen's Fancy]

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