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April 19, 2012

Hold Chair — Stop banging the vacuum cleaner against chair legs


Who hasn't been irritated while doing a power vac to have to maneuver around and between chair legs?


Full disclosure: That's true, actually.

For the same reason I've never once used my built-in dishwasher and had my in-sink disposal disconnected (I hate noise), I never ever use my vacuum cleaner, much preferring a broom.

But others may not be of this ilk.


From LikeCool: "Malaysia-based designer Poh Liang Hock's Hold Chair has a seat and back that slide up [and down] the backrest frame. The chair can then be attached to a table."

From red dot online: "Cleaning the floor is a regular routine at home or at closing time in a restaurant. Typically, the cleaner will turn the chair upside down and put it on the table in order to clean the floor below. Dirt on or near the bottom of the chair legs may stick to the cleaner's hands or fall onto the table."


"Hold Chair has been designed to overcome this unsanitary situation. The chair is suitable for any dining room. Its plastic seat and back can slide up the backrest frame. This separates the seat from the frame below it. The chair can then be slid onto the table and cantilevered by its plastic seat. The chair's feet are not touched and any attached dirt will fall to the floor rather than onto the table."

[via swissmiss and Shoebox Dwelling]

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But...the chair is ugly and looks uncomfortable. And to be a total spoilsport, my cats have managed to choke a Dyson to death.

Posted by: Becs | Apr 19, 2012 4:24:56 PM

Wait. Wait. A long time ago, didn't you post a photo of Gray Cat at the foot of your treadmill basking in the uber-decibel of one of your favorite performer(s)? But then, that would not considered to be "noise", correct?

Posted by: Kay | Apr 19, 2012 12:33:59 PM

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