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April 24, 2012

Is Bill Fischer the most expensive travel agent in the U.S.?


From a story in the April 22 New York Times Travel section: "Bill Fischer [above, with his daughter and partner Stacy Fischer-Rosenthal], the New York travel agent with a famously unlisted phone number, charges a $100,000 membership fee for his services and a $25,000 annual retainer."

Back in 1998 when he was just getting started his initiation fee was only $10,000 and it was still $10,000 (plus a $5,000 annual retainer) in late 2003, at which time he had "500-some clients."


I guess he got too much business at those rates, hence the bump up to present levels.

I wonder what I could charge for anesthesia advice and counsel?

For years I've been giving it away free to all and sundry.

Maybe it's time to straighten up and fly right in a private jet.





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