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April 19, 2012

Quantations — A Guide to Quantum Living in the 21st Century


You may have noticed this book's appearance in the upper right hand corner of boj for the past week or so.

Long story short: I wrote the book in 2001, finally bringing together a lifetime of favorite quotations and my own observations on this, that, and the other. 

Especially the other.

The book came out in both paperback and hardcover in early 2002 and slept on Amazon, ranked way out on the long tail of slim sales, with a sales rank of 1 or 2 million — give or take a million.

Below, yesterday's rank.

Screen Shot 2012-04-17 at 6.03.44 PM

Last year, after numerous false starts, I finally pulled myself together and began the process of making it available in a Kindle version, to which the photo of the cover links directly.

Let me tell you, that was no easy task, moving it from paper to eBook format.

In fact, it was insanely difficult.

But having done it, I can say that it's much better on an iPhone than it was on paper, besides being a whole lot cheaper (99 cents v $10.95 for the paperback).

The nature of the text, a progressive series of brief quotations each linked to its source, is such that moving back and forth via direct electronic links is faster, easier, and a lot less annoying than flipping pages.

Of course, you don't have to look at the sources, you could instead do the equivalent of Calvin Klein's "just feel the fabric" and move through the text any way you like.

Reality, like Gray Cat,


has a texture all its own.

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I just bought it (literally moments ago) and am already diving in and loving it!

Posted by: Kiriel | Apr 22, 2012 10:00:03 AM

Sold! Spend your 70c wisely, Joe! ;-)

Posted by: Fred | Apr 20, 2012 2:42:50 AM

OK, I'll revisit and review, loved the book (my copy is signed in fact, lucky me, bought second hand, but worth soooo much more.) Oh and Joe, I just noticed we both own Sony Explod music players. It's true as you said that one reality does not displace the other, but lives inexplicably alongside it.

Posted by: tamra | Apr 19, 2012 10:28:52 PM

It's more than an interesting piece of work. At first blush, you might flip thru it and wonder "what does this have to do with me". But what's funny is, as you visit it again and again, it's almost impossible not to find something pertinent to where you are at the moment. Life's little messages have an odd way of showing up just when you need them. The good doctor has given us a prescription for a variety of mental and emotional ailments and conditions. He lets it up to us to "apply when needed". Very clever, very useful.

Posted by: David Gray | Apr 19, 2012 3:43:44 PM

Make certain to review the Kindle format too...paper is obsolete. Or so says Amazon.

Posted by: clifyt | Apr 19, 2012 2:26:30 PM

Time for all good BOJ readers, lurkers, commentators and quick-stop viewers to bump up the number of reviews. Seven is a pitiful number (lucky, but pitiful) of reviews. Time to drop by Amazon and review.

Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | Apr 19, 2012 12:47:00 PM

Bought it, have it, read it and it's w-a-a-a-y beyond my scope.

I love to stretch my brain with incomprehensible information. Now that it's online, I may be able to pick at it in bite sized pieces.

Posted by: Kay | Apr 19, 2012 12:37:10 PM

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