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April 22, 2012

Sock Portrait of Zhang Yimou


From DeMilked :


"Shanghai-based artist Hong Yi, also known as Red, used 750 pair of socks to create a rather unusual sock portrait of famous Chinese film director Zhang Yimou. Yi spent over three weeks on the project and used black, white, and grey socks."


"Describing her inspiration, the artist said: 'When I first moved to Shanghai, I stumbled upon an old residential alleyway and saw bamboo sticks poking out of windows with laundry hanging onto them, waving in the air. To me, that was incredibly beautiful. And the amazing thing is seeing something so traditional in a modern, pumping city like Shanghai.'"


"'I thought Zhang Yimou’s portrait done in a Shanghainese laneway, with bamboo and laundry, would be perfect for this project. I ended up using 750 pairs of socks because shirts were too big and expensive, plus I found an interesting way to pin the socks together, creating a diamond-shape. It was interesting to see the different angles of shadows cast on it throughout the day.'"

[via Oh I see Red!]

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what a delightful video – a warm sensitive portrayal of the Chinese people – im in love with the artist red

Posted by: sherlock | Apr 23, 2012 3:00:49 AM

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