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May 4, 2012

MorphWorld: Washington Post Magazine into Heidi Julavits's "The Vanishers"


Above, the cover of the March 28, 2012 magazine.



Ms. Julavits's new novel.

[via Coverjunkie]

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Spy Bolt Covert Hidden Contents Secret Container


Hey, that's what Amazon calls it, shoot them, not me — I'm just the messenger.




From the website:


The Spy Bolt is an updated and improved version of the old Soviet KGB "dead drop" hollow bolt used during the Cold War.

It features an O-ring seal for weather-proof storage of small valuables, communications, etc.

It has reverse threading on the bolt head for additional security.

This new version utilizes a real 3/4"-diameter machine bolt providing a larger storage area than the original.

Its secret storage compartment has a diameter of 0.49" and a maximum depth of 2.7".

Overall length is 3.43".



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You do not exist or are no longer available — Episode 2: The image returns


Yesterday's 12:01 p.m. post featured a graphic of the "Image not found" page I got when I clicked this link a month or so ago.

In the interim it's been restored and now features the doorstop pictured up top.

This just goes to show that when you find something online, you should take a screen shot or print it out if you want to be sure to have access to it in the future.

I didn't do that with the doorstop photo and so had to wait until now to be able to feature it.

A month ago I wrote, for yesterday's Episode 1, "And though it's 'no longer available' at the URL of the terse placeholder pictured up top, it might be sitting right on my screen next to the TypePad posting window I'm typing into" — and darned if that isn't the case right now.

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Swiss Army Knife for kids


Official and authorized and made by Victorinox.

Six plastic tools: Spoon, Fork, Saw, Knife, Screwdriver/Bottle Opener, Magnifying Glass.

Small carabiner to attach it to whatever.

For ages 3 years and up.


[via Matt Penning and The Gadgeteer]

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Rocking Slippers

Screen Shot 2012-04-04 at 8.16.08 PM

A 2006 creation by Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay, principals of London-based Raw Edges Design Studio who wrote, "The Rocking Slippers are a hybrid of domestic shoes and a small rocking stool."

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Note(s) to Self


100-sheet 3" x 3" pad.


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bookofjoe getting big in Turkey — Seni seviyorum!


Every day I'm gaining traffic (above) and Twitter followers, along with new Google+ circle-ites, from Turkey.

Why is this?

I've never been to Turkey nor do I speak Turkish.

I don't know anyone who's Turkish, or even with a Turkish name.

But now I want to go there to meet and greet this new legion of Internet acquaintances.

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Wrapsol non-slip grip pad for tablets


When Paul Biba, majordomo of TeleRead, favorably reviews a product, it's a no-brainer to feature his review here.

Paul's a no-nonsense guy with an excellent eye for well-functioning tools (he drives a great BMW bike) and he's related* to peerless Wired Magazine correspondent Erin Biba.

Below, his May 2 review of the Wrapsol grip pad.



This is simply great and it will work with any tablet, not just the iPad. I saw it mentioned someplace and took a flyer, buying one from Wrapsol for $14.95. I just ordered two more!  

The pad is sticky on one side and you simply press it onto (in my case) the iPad. It's 8" long by 3-3/4" wide, so it will fit pretty much any tablet. You can trim it to any size you want. The "grippy" side is NOT sticky It is made of some sort of high-friction material. As you can see from the pictures, it makes reading on the iPad much more convenient. I can place it on a pillow and it stays just where I put it (above) or hang the tablet from my crossed leg (below).


As for the other two I ordered, one is going on my wife's iPad and the other is going to get cut up and used on my [Kindle] Fire and my iPhone. It's the only one of these "sticky" products I've tried so far that works as advertised.


*Her dad

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