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May 25, 2012

When Falling Asleep Feels the Easiest


[via GraphJam and Joe Peach]

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Moose Oven Mitt



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Which "Immigrant Song" are you?

The original 1970 Led Zeppelin version (above) or last year's smashing iteration (below) by Karen O, Trent Reznor, and Atticus Ross for "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?"


I'll tell you this: when I watched the opening of the movie, between the killer titles and song I almost needed a seat belt to remain in place, I got so revved up.

Tip: Be your own DJ and play both versions at the same time — great fun.

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World-Class Nuts

Screen Shot 2012-04-29 at 4.40.04 PM

Wrote Charlotte Druckman in the April 28 Wall Street Journal, "Roasted and seasoned in small batches, serious nut-jobber Santé has enough of a selection of thoughtfully crafted flavors (from cardamom cashews to chipotle almonds) to sate the most persnickety snackers or spruce up just about any dish. Candied pistachios belong in brittle or atop rice pudding, while the aforementioned savory options (as well as garlic almonds) can provide salads with some zing. The California company is careful never to overpower the main ingredient; added spices or accents only enhance the nut."

Roasted & Salted Pecans; Sweet & Spicy Pecans; Candied Pecans; Cinnamon Pecans; Candied Pistachios; Cardamom Cashews; Chipotle Almonds; Garlic Almonds.

$1.99/1 oz. bag.

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Futility Closet



Wrote reader David Clinton III in an email, "When looking for new material, check out futilitycloset.com. If I had only two blogs to follow, they would be yours and his. Seriously."

I was flattered by the encomium and quite curious about Futility Closet so I hopped on the innertoob to have a look.

Wrote Futility Closet majordomo Greg Ross,

No matter how much you love your job, you can't work for 10 hours straight.

That's why there's Futility Closet, a collection of entertaining curiosities in history, literature, mathematics, language, art, and philosophy. Each item is self-contained and written as concisely as possible, so you can read a few and get back to work.

The database now totals 6,055 items, and more are added each day. You can read them chronologically, by topic, or randomly, using the Random Article button in the sidebar. If you're looking for a particular item, there's also a search box in the sidebar.

Up top, a sample from Futility Closet.

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Startup Label Brand Kit


From the website:


Call it a template.

A label-generating Mad Lib.

Or just really... random?

Fashion world fame can be yours with this Startup Brand Label Kit.


Just follow the tried and true formula and before you know it, you're looking at your new brand's official label package.

There: all the hard work is done.

Now go knock out that collection.


Set of three woven labels, pictured from top down.

Main: 3¾" x 2"; Basic: 3" x ½"; Size: 1½" x 3".



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Elle (China)


Note L in the baby's hand.

[via Coverjunkie]

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Upside-down watering can


From the website:



The problem with traditional watering cans? Trying to get the water where you want it. This 18-0 stainless steel minimalist alternative allows for more control and focus when watering — an especially handy feature for indoor plants.

The flexible silicone hose has a built-in magnet so that it can be attached to the can's body when not in use [top]. When watering, simply move the hose tip up or down to control the water flow.*

Designed by Pascal Charmolu.

Holds 50 oz. (1.5 liters).

12.25"H x 3.25"Ø.



*The website says "Simply move the cylinder up or down to stop the water flow," which I believe is erroneous except on a scale far too fine for any appreciable effect; I will have my crack Archimedean Studies Team®™© get in touch with the merchant to see if we can get this straightened out. Just one more thing we do.

[via Amy]

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