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May 1, 2012

Blast from the past: Minnetonka moccasins trump Tod's


It's been over seven years since I featured these wonderful deerskin moccasins here, prolly time for an encore.


Here's the March 26, 2005 post.


Above, a group of "high-octane driving shoes" from a recent New York Times Magazine feature on men's fashion.

From top to bottom: 1. Bally suede driving shoe, $275. At Bally stores. 2. Cole Haan Collection deerskin driving shoe, $250. Go to colehaan.com. 3. Martin Dingman nubuck driving shoe, $245. Call (800) 955-2358. 4. Tod's suede driving loafer, $295. At Tod's boutiques. 5. Bottega Veneta chino suede moccasin, $380. At Bottega Veneta boutiques.

Up top, the classic Minnetonka deerskin moccasin, with rubber-pebbled soles.


I've been wearing the Minnnetonka moccasin since forever: so wonderfully comfortable, and just perfect for whatever.

Why anyone would bother paying $245–$380 for a shoe that can't possibly be any more comfortable than Minnetonkas is way, way beyond moi. 

If you just use them for driving and indoors, they'll last for years.

If you wear them for your daily constitutional, the rubber nubs on the leather soles will wear out and then the leather will wear away, so you won't get those years of comfort.

Yes, the price has gone up: they're now $74–$80.

Still cheap at twice that.

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