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May 16, 2012

El Casco Plier Stapler


From the website:



Handheld staplers give you nice leverage and let you speed through stapling a stack of documents. This stapler punches through the paper with a purposeful snap. All metal parts with not a spring, rivet, or hinge that doesn’t function flawlessly.


The company that makes this stapler started out manufacturing revolvers in the 1920s. When the demand in six-shooters plummeted along with everything else in the Great Depression, rather than let their hands go idle, Juan Solozabal Mendive and Juan Olave Bilbao, the Basque pair behind El Casco, turned to making staplers. Staplers were an exciting new innovation in fasteners at the time, and the Spaniards' gunmaking skills were an unexpected but successful fit for the job.

To this day, El Casco staplers are made in Spain with the same revolver-quality craftsmanship, and the stapler still feels like it can all but shoot out a bullet.

The chrome finish not only looks good, but it will also keep the parts functioning smoothly and perfectly.

El Casco makes these with individual parts that can be repaired or replaced, just as they did with turn-of-the-century revolvers. To this day, the company is owned and run by Solozabal and Olave's grandchildren.

The gunmaking skills have been passed down — El Casco ensures the quality of their staplers by training their own apprentices and teaching them traditional manufacturing skills. Staplers are made manually, and the components individually numbered and assembled by hand.

Use and Care:

This stapler takes standard-sized staples. To fill, lift the loop at the back of the stapler and pull it out. Slide in the staple cartridge, and press in the spring mechanism back in. The stapler has two fastener settings: adjust by pressing up and turning the rivet at the bottom of the stapler.



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