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May 1, 2012

Experts' Expert: Jodi Ettenberg's 21 practical tips from 4 years of traveling the world


They're all here, along with insights and lessons the nomadic ex-lawyer [above, in Petra, Jordan] learned the hard way.

Below, a sampling.

• There are things you should not leave home without.

• Your taxi driver knows where to eat breakfast more than you do.

• Oranges are the perfect public transportation snack.

• People are more alike than you think.

• The anxiety and nervousness of newness never goes away.

• Portable chopsticks are your friend.

• Cockroaches are, in fact, as universal as you feared.

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I'll throw out another one on food...not only do you go where the cabbies go but once you get there, ask the people working there what they are having for lunch (breakfast...dinner...whatever).

I was in a Vietnamese joint the other week, and the owner of the little bodega had a banh mi and I asked what it was...said he didn't think Americans would eat it. Told him to make me one.

I never had a 'head cheese' sandwich before. It was pretty tasty until I was told what it was...and then it was still tasty but made me a little queasy. I might be adventurous and ask for it again.

Tip #2...when you buy the mystery item...don't ask what it is until after you've eaten it. By then, its too late...

Posted by: clifyt | May 1, 2012 7:33:51 PM

I'll second the taxi (putt-putt, tuk-tuk) drivers' breakfast recommendation.

Get them on your side, even if it takes cough-drops or whatever. Esp. if up and about early in morning, when it's also a good time to take pictures!

Posted by: jim` | May 1, 2012 6:07:34 PM

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