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May 17, 2012

Motel 6 โ€” "50 years, and the light's still on"

Wonderful new commercial, with all manner of Instagram-ish ruffles and flourishes.

You know you've hit the jackpot with a commercial when people feature it instead of muting the sound.

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That second station wagon was my childhood. sweet.

Posted by: tamra | May 17, 2012 11:23:35 AM

Some are classics when viewed only once:





Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | May 17, 2012 10:39:34 AM

But a good cigar is a smoke.

Posted by: bookofjoe | May 17, 2012 10:28:12 AM

Sometime a well done commercial is as enjoyable as a good quote.

Posted by: JoePeach | May 17, 2012 10:15:24 AM

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