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June 7, 2012

Creatures of Light app


From The Mac Observer:



Coming in at a whopping 484 MB(!), American Museum of Natural History's Creatures of Light is well worth the download wait and the iPad space it'll occupy.


Here's an app chock full of photos, videos, and articles about plants and animals that produce their own light.


Most folks are at least vaguely familiar with fireflies and their summer evening light shows. What you may not realize is how many other creatures have a similar ability to shine, from tiny organisms that cause waves to glow with each crash, to glowing mushrooms, to deep sea fish that use light to "fish" for dinner.


It's a fascinating subject and a very enjoyable read. Endure the download and enjoy.



Free, the way we like it.

Fair warning: There goes the day.

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Switchable Glass — Now you see through it, now you don't.

Videre est credere.

From the website:


Switchable Glass is a revolutionary breakthrough in display technology.

With the flick of a switch, it transforms from a cloudy white translucent barrier to an optically clear state.

The panels are produced by laminating polymer-dispersed liquid crystal film with architectural grade PVB between two layers of glass.


• Can be applied to curved surfaces and cut into odd shapes

• Can be applied to the inside of glass or plastic

• Any size up to 60" x 120"


One piece of 12" x 12'" switchable glass with a power supply connected: $504.

[via Kay (Leah)]

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Ultimate Pie Chart


[via Joe Peach who wrote, "I found this on Pittsburgh's Craigslist. Sometimes basic humor makes me laugh too much."]


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Beauty Bottom Butt Shaping Cushion


From the website:


Say "sayonara" to secretary spread, the Beauty Bottom Cushion promises to maintain and encourage a shapely bum while you work.

Sound too good to be true?

This chair cushion works by guaranteeing correct posture, properly aligning your pelvis and spine, which in turn ensures that your bottom muscles become and stay taut enough to bounce a 100 yen coin off of. 

The plush foam is designed for maximum comfort while the soft pink and grey colors project a soothing style.


• Materials: cotton/polyester/urethane foam

• Size: 42 x 20 x 18cm

• Manual: Japanese




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Machu Picchu in Azerbaijan


From English Russia and toxaby:


"Yes, it can probably be called Machu Picchu on the former Soviet territory. The main difference: real Machu Picchu has tourists but no locals, this place has no tourists, only locals."


"Xinaliq village, Azerbaijan, is a UNESCO historic monument that is often compared with a museum under open sky. 'The island in the mountains' is situated 65 km from the regional center Quba. Local houses resemble aeries and new construction is prohibited."


[Above and below, just a small sampling of the photos published on English Russia and toxaby]


"There are 8 cemeteries here, whose total area is bigger than the village territory itself. Most of the very wide and long graves are burials of 3-4 layers. And inscriptions are written with different alphabets."


"Local tribes built fortifications and a fortress to protect themselves from nomadic tribes in the X century. There was a temple of fire-worshippers in the fortress tower."


"They say that this territory is somehow connected with Noah. According to the legend it was the very place where he dropped the anchor and ordered everyone to go ashore."


"It has always been dangerous to drive here, the roads are very narrow.


"But the higher you go the more breathtaking these views become."


"People of Xinaliq speak an absolutely unique language that is not included in any family of languages. Nobody but them understands it."


"There are 380 houses in the village today. A roof of one house serves as a yard for another one located higher."


"The houses are very old, 200-300 years old. Xinaliq  has preserved its architectural style."


"When you stand on the roof you feel like a bird flying in the sky."


"The villagers keep their traditions and have special appearance. Severe climate makes their skin chap, their cheeks are always red. They are not tall but sturdy. Brave and enterprising."


"The population (1300 people) lives in 220 houses. An average family consists of 6 persons."

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What is it?

Screen Shot 2012-06-02 at 8.40.42 PM

Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: Smaller than a bread box.

Another: Not made in Japan.

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How to eliminate "poop splash"

News you can use.

[via GeekMom]

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Get a Room Tent


11'8"W x 5'7"L x 4'7"H.


Sleeps two people





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