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June 10, 2012

Become the change you want to see*

*For the next 30 days

[via stalwart reader Joe Peach who added, "Oh by the way, this was the one that pushed me over the edge: simple, unassuming, and spot on!" Joe was referring to an email (below)


he'd sent moments earlier.]

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Gingerdead Man Cookie Cutter


From websites:



Make no bones about it — this cookie cutter/stamper is scarily good.

You can use the cutter to cut your cookie dough and then use the reverse to stamp a skeleton onto your "gingerdead" man.

Don't be frightened — it's so easy to use.

14cm (5.5") long.




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This Recording — No map for this territory*

Screen Shot 2012-06-09 at 5.50.29 PM

Wrote Alex Carnevale, "I am the editor of thisrecording.com.

Up top, her doughty band of writers.

Collect 'em all!

Wrote reader Kay (Leah), "This site will keep you busy for a while."

She got that right.


*After William Gibson

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Batman Raincoat


Alas, just for kids.


Detachable cape.


Glow-in-the-dark logo.




[via CSYCB]

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My new best friend is a drone

His name is Joggobot and he's ready to go running with me anytime, anywhere.

The downside is that he can only go for 20 minutes before he (figuratively) runs out of gas.

No worries, that's only a matter of further iterations.

[via Forbes]

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Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer


Aluminum alloy.


$9.65 (meat not included).

[via Richard Kashdan and Forever Until the End]

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Kyrie Irving is Uncle Drew

"After spending four hours in makeup, 2012 NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving heads to the courts of New Jersey to devour some young bloods in a pick-up game."

[via Joe Peach and Devour]

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Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy


From the website:


We love products that play with scale... a giant rubber duck, a giant pencil sharpener, or this delightful miniature wheelie bin which is actually a desk tidy!

Make sure you don't overfill it though: if the lid won't close, the council won't collect it!

Made from 100% recycled plastic.

14cm (5.5") high.




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