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June 14, 2012

Retronaut — "The past is a foreign country, this is your passport."

Screen Shot 2012-06-13 at 6.01.35 PM

You got me.

Fair warning: there goes what remains of the day.

Hey, that would be a great title for a book and then a movie starring Anthony Hopkins....

[via reader Rob Weaver]

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Zombie Eye Mask


From websites:


Most people walk around looking like zombies because nobody is getting enough sleep these days. Why not take that look to the extreme with the Zombie Eye Mask?

This ghoulish green mask with creepy bloodshot eyes is the perfect accessory for some quality beauty rest. You can sleep like one of the undead in this stylish and hilarious sleep mask. You'll be fast asleep, but your zombie eyes will be wide awake.

The Zombie Eye Mask is the perfect gift for new parents, horror buffs, and zombie lovers in your family.




[via Things That Look Like Other Things and Better Living Through Design]

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Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee


From Colossal:


"Artist Guy Laramee has recently completed a number of new sculptural works where he transforms thick tomes into incredible topographical features, among them mountains, caves, volcanoes, and even water."


"Many of the works are part of a new project titled Guan Yin, a series of work dedicated to the forces that enable individuals to endure grief and pain, or in his words, 'the mysterious forces thanks to which we can traverse ordeals.'"


"If you happen to be near Quebec, a number of Laramee's works are currently on view at Expression Gallery in Saint-Hyacinthe through August 12."


[via Paul Biba]

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Chain Link Shelf


From the website:


A place big enough (18" x 48") and tough enough for your sports gear.

Constructed with aluminum fittings, 1-3/8" galvanized steel pipe, and true steel chain link.

Made to order: four-week lead time.

Custom sizes available.


$285 ("sports gear not included").

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Experts' Expert: YouTube Trends Manager Kevin Allocca's Favorite Channels

Kate Murphy interviewed Allocca for a short piece that appeared June 9 in the New York Times; an excerpt follows.

Naturally, most of my "watching" takes place on YouTube. The idea is to track videos people are talking about, and with 72 hours of video uploaded per minute, it's a lot. I also have around 20 channels I subscribe to for my own personal viewing time. C.G.P. Grey and Minute Physics are my favorite brainier ones. CitizenTube [top] collects really incredible news footage from around the globe. For the offbeat entertainment part of the day, I like, in increasing order of weirdness ImprovEverywhereEpicMealTime, and Nathan Barnatt. And pretty much everything Devin Graham and Pogo create is some level of amazing.

Fair warning: there goes the day. 

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Octopus Cup — Attention Ridley Scott


I'd love to see it in black.


[via Troy Flake]

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Blast from the past: Every known picture of Thomas Pynchon


Yesterday's announcement that Pynchon, 75, has finally given in and will allow his books to be published in digital format was accompanied by one of the rare extant pictures of the reclusive author.

Seems like a good time to revisit the entire known photo archive of this singular artist.

This post first appeared here nearly three years ago and there have been no additions in the interim.

Not one word has been changed or omitted.


The seven above and below, gleaned from a variety of sources, appear to comprise all that exist outside of the dark world, where no doubt there are many more — perhaps even home movies, who knows? — of the elusive writer, whose latest novel, "Inherent Vice," has just been published.

If anyone has other photos you know whom to contact.

That's right — Yosemite Sam.

But I digress.

Above, a 1953 photo from Pynchon's Oyster Bay (Long Island, New York) High School yearbook (The Oysterette), captioned: "'Pynch'; P&G Yearbook; Trade Fair 2,3; Sr. Play student director; Spanish Club 3,4; Honor Society 3, 4; likes pizza; dislikes hypocrites; pet possession, a typewriter; aspires to be a physicist."



a second photo from that yearbook, where it appeared in the "Best Student" section and honored Pynchon for being the best male student of 1953.



is one lifted from a high school yearbook group staff photo.

Then there's this one,


part of a staff photo for the Purple and Gold, Pynchon's high school newspaper.

Its caption reads, "The Purple and Gold has carried on the old tradition of service to the school. It has also made its own new innovations. The principal one being a column by Thomas Pynchon that has dealt with such learned subjects as the 'Life and Times of Hamster High,' a legend about a stupid knight, and, of course, the 'Boys.'"

This undated picture


comes from Microsoft's Encarta.

The 1957 shot below


is of the 20-year-old Pynchon at the Navy's Bainbridge, Maryland Training Center.

It was first seen in David Cowart's 1980 book, "Thomas Pynchon — The Art of Allusion."

Then there's a 41-year hiatus, until correspondent James Bone of London's Sunday Times decided to try to find him in New York City, where he'd managed to place Pynchon.

Bone succeeded, publishing the results of his quest in a June 7, 1998 article accompanied by the "paparazzi-style point-and-snap" below of Pynchon and his then seven-year-old son Jackson,


"the first published photograph of Thomas Pynchon for more than 40 years."

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Flip Flop Socks — Perfect gift for your favorite politician



"Playful socks make your tootsies look like they were treated to a fancy pedicure."

Women's sizes 4-10.



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