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June 29, 2012

What Gray Cat did while I was in Pittsburgh

Above, a Dropcam video recorded last month when Gray Cat walked across its field of view and triggered its automatic function.

I cannot praise Dropcam highly enough.

In my opinion it is the second best new technology of the year, behind only the new iPad.

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Japanese Sushi Gloves

Wrote Philadelphia chef-consultant Aliza Green in a June 12 Washington Post story, "Hiroyuki 'Zama' Tanaka [top], owner of Zama Sushi in Philadelphia, says 'using gloves is a big revolution for the sushi industry as it goes against tradition. It took a few months to get comfortable working with gloves on, but I've been working with them now for 12 years. It's easier to train someone, because the special Japanese sushi gloves I use — Emboss Five-Finger Squeeze Gloves — have a textured surface that actually makes it easier to work with sushi rice and raw fish.'"

Green added, "Japanese polyethylene sushi gloves are designed to snugly fit the tip of the finger and 'squeeze' around the bottoms of the fingers, preventing the gloves from slipping off. These sushi gloves have a slightly roughened surface which helps keep the rice from sticking to the hands and helps maintain a good grip on the knife and the product." 

Roll of 500: £121.15.

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Helpful Hints from joeeze: Spray Bottle Rack


Nice hack featured by Cook's Illustrated's Shannon Friedmann Hatch writing in the July & August issue's "Quick Tips" section.

"Kitchen and household spray cleaners can take up valuable cabinet space under your kitchen sink. Rachel Paris-Lambert of East Seattle, Washington, takes her organization to the next level by installing a spring-tension curtain rod near the top of her cabinet. Spray bottles can be hung by the trigger levers, leaving plenty of room underneath for other supplies."

Think outside the kitchen space: this tip's got legs.

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Ribs Swimsuit



Screen Shot 2012-06-28 at 4.27.57 PM







$90 AUD.


[via CSYCB]

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Ross Noble — "Tuna Fish"

Wrote my crack Georgia correspondent, "Ross Noble. Great Geordie accent. Not everybody's cup of tea, as (as you would say) it should be."


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Adler Table


Spectacular piece of kit.


From the website:



Taking its cue from machinist tables built at the turn of the century, this piece is as beautiful as it is functional.


Designed by OHIO's founder, David Pierce, the adjustable height desk provides an option to the utilitarian office solutions currently on the market.

The simple wood and steel combination makes this piece versatile in style and use.

The design can fit into a modern or rustic environment and works equally as well in a large office as it does as a home desk or table.

The crank is made from solid steel gears and a chromed cast-iron handle that is easy to operate.

The table comes standard in a 30" x60" solid walnut top and hand-rubbed gun-blue-finish steel legs, which creates a black/blue patina finish and protects the raw steel against rust.

It ranges in height from 27" to 42", making it easy to change positions throughout the day.

The table can be ordered in a variety of sizes.

The table top is also available in oak or maple.

The steel legs can be powder-coated in practically any color.


30"W x 60"L x 27"-42"H: $1,925.

[via one of the following: Paul Biba; a crack Los Angeles correspondent; Richard Kashdan. I think. Could be someone other than one of those three but I simply don't recall: it's been a couple of weeks since I received the link. Please clarify so I can credit the proper person.]

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BehindTheMedspeak: Tay-Sachs in the Irish


Long story short from Amy Dockser Marcus's June 25 Wall Street Journal article: Tay-Sachs disease — a rare, always fatal neurodegenerative disorder that hits fewer than 30 children in North America a year as a result of widespread testing of prospective parents to see if they are carriers — turns out to be much more common among the Irish than anyone knew.

About one in 50 people of Irish descent are believed to be carriers, compared to one in 30 Jews of Central and Eastern European descent and one in 300 individuals in the general population.

A new study to identify carriers of the disease among people of Irish ancesty has just been launched. 

It aims to enroll 1,000 people with at least three of four grandparents of Irish ancestry.


"Adele Schneider, director of clinical genetics at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia and principal investigator of the current research, says the study came together after she saw three families of Irish descent who all had children with Tay-Sachs in the past few years."

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Bodega Tea Towel


"Hand screen-printed on 100% cotton; 17.5" x 26" tea towel upcycled from pre-consumer excess by LooptWorks."


Designed by Sarah Hollowood.


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