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June 9, 2012

Eyewitness accounts from the National Archives

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From the website: "Out of the stacks and vaults of the National Archives comes this selection of eyewitness accounts. They are vivid and intensely personal, transporting us to a deeper understanding of the events described."

"Thomas Jefferson reported firsthand on the fear and panic that gripped the city of Paris in July 1789, during the first violent convulsions of the French Revolution; President Lincoln's family physician poignantly described how the President clung to life through the night of April 14, 1865, after being shot at Ford's Theater; and the crew of the Apollo 8 spacecraft, in 1968, traveled farther from Earth than anyone ever had and saw their home planet as no one had seen it before: a miracle of color and life suspended in space — shimmering, delicate, and impossibly distant. Filled with surprising details, these accounts have the ring of truth."

"Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady, said that she recorded the things she saw because she found her experience 'too great a thing to have alone.' The instinct to tell what we have seen is as old as humanity. The National Archives is filled with countless stories waiting to be shared. Within them lie embedded messages that enlighten us on what has gone before and strengthen us for what may lie ahead."

[via one of my Crack Los Angeles correspondents]

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Just got the last one at Amazon, talk about an impulse! I'm a drama teacher who loves history...oooohhh, the monologue potential here was just too juicy to pass up!

Posted by: tamra | Jun 9, 2012 2:37:50 PM

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