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June 4, 2012

Time spent with Adobe


This is SO TRUE!

I get an "Update Flash" notice at least once a week.

[via GraphJam and Joe Peach]

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Flash and Shockwave are the Devil's spawn. A small amount of research will demonstrate that these two pieces of software are among the worst designed and executed products ever foisted upon the Internet.

Acrobat (and, I own and use the Professional application on multiple platforms) should have, could have, been the standard for secure and reliable document sharing. Instead, Adobe kept up their "upgrade" cycle and added more and more "features" (infection vectors) into the creator of the PDF file. The PDF standards changed.

PDF files can execute JavaScript. Why in the world does a data file have the ability to execute code?

Adobe has attempted to implement a quarterly update cycle. That has proven to be a gross failure (note graph). Adobe's products are frequent "day zero" exploits.

I can think of only one other company's products that are as flawed - Microsoft. SPAM, Trojan horses, zombie machines, botnets - thank Microsoft and Adobe. Microsoft is working much harder to address these issues (albeit that Microsoft won't patch its older OS or those without valid MS ID) than is Adobe.

Adobe reader should not be your first choice for PDF files. Dump Shockwave and only use flash with your browser's security turned way up.

Adobe reader for any OS will permit JavaScript execution. If you must use a PDF reader, be certain that scripting is turned off (better still, use a reader that doesn't support scripts).

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