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June 27, 2012

Ultimate Claw Hammer — Episode 2: Own one


After Episode 1 on June 21 went viral, hammer creator Richard Remsen sent me the following page from Yankee Magazine:


He wrote, "The 'Claw Hammer' is cast in manganese bronze. When the hammer head is cast, I place a core in the mold. After the casting is polished, the hammer handle is fitted and epoxied up into the bronze hammer head. With all the mold setup, casting, and polishing, I sell the finished piece for $200 — less than what the government pays for military hammers."

Long story short from the Yankee Magazine piece: The hammer is "a solid bronze 12-ouncer as good as any other for pounding nails (assuming, of course, that you don't have to remove them)."

Made to order, it costs $200.

Email Richard Remsen: info@remsen.com

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