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July 12, 2012

"7 Minutes of Terror: Descent to Mars"

Coming in the early hours of Monday, August 6 (beginning just before 12:11 a.m. ET), the world premiere — a one-time-only event — of Mars rover Curiosity's descent from space to the surface of the Red Planet.

Said Nasa engineer Tom Rivellini, "We've got literally seven minutes to get from the top of the atmosphere to the surface of Mars, going from 13,000 miles an hour to zero. If any one thing doesn't work, it's game over."

Put me down for a ringside seat, I'm saving the date in red ink as soon as I'm finished with this post.

To describe what the ride down will be like, NASA put up a YouTube video (top) last month which has become a crowd favorite.

They got my vote.

I'm watching it again on Apple TV's YouTube app tonight.

[via Kenneth Chang and the New York Times]

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Obviously NASA has never seen me parallel park.

Posted by: JoePeach | Jul 12, 2012 9:04:51 PM

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