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August 3, 2012

"Thank You for the Light" — F. Scott Fitzgerald (1936 & 2012)


Brief article by Charles McGrath in the July 31 New York Times briefer: F. Scott Fitzgerald's above-titled story was submitted to the New Yorker in 1936 but the editors rejected it, saying that it was "altogether out of the question" and adding, "It seems to us so curious and so unlike the kind of thing we associate with him and really too fantastic."

Times change.

Wrote McGrath, "'Thank You for the Light,' which Fitzgerald’s grandchildren discovered while going through his papers, is just a vignette — only a page long — almost fable-like, and written in a pared-down style that, at the end especially, seems more Hemingway than Fitzgerald. According to Deborah Treisman, the New Yorker's fiction editor, the Fitzgerald scholar James West thought it seemed 'almost Chekhovian' and suggested to the grandchildren that they give the magazine another crack at it."

It appears in the current (August 6) issue and above.

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Ceramic Notepad



For a sec there I thought we were back in 2005 when the default size of pictures here was 150 pixels wide.

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Helpful Hints from joeeze: How to save your flip-flops



[via BuzzFeed and Kay (Leah)]

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Umbrella Stand


Marcel Duchamp, call your office: Your umbrella is dry.

Designed by Eva Schildt.

"Black lacquered metal with artificial sponge to absorb water."

28 inches high.

$200 (Umbrella included. Really.).

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An open letter to my homeys in Mountain View: Yo, I'm ready to beta Google Glass

You know who you are: One of you called me a couple years ago, a number of you are in my Google+ Acquaintances Circle, others are regular readers and commenters.

I recently reached outside my longtime Apple fanboy perimeter and brought aboard a Nexus 7 which I'm happily using as an eReader, the best one out there in my opinion.

I'm now ready to reach out again and lasso an early version of Google Glass, with the intention of making it the platform for long-rumored/"real soon now" bookofjoeTV.

Sure, I read recently that Apple's got patents on wearable display technology (below)


but I've actually seen with my own eyes your product — and I want one.

I know I'm not a developer and that your intent is to sell Google Glass to developers next year for around $1,500 a pop.

Why not include a TechnoDolt®™© in the early crowd to get some feedback from hoi polloi, which after all is going to be the bulk of your user base?

I'm too old to wait a couple years till you start to sell them to the Great World.

Let's light this candle.

You say you want to back a start-up YouTube channel?

I'm down wit dat.

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Corn Desilker Ring — "All silks left behind"


No batterie de cuisine can be considered complete without one.

From websites:



New innovative design for corn desilker removes all those pesky, clinging silks in one swipe.

Just push ring down over the ear of corn and the flexible brushes remove the silk.

Now you can prepare corn for freezing or canning with less aggravation.

Dishwasher-safe (top rack).  

No damage to the kernels.

Fits any size ear of corn.

Nice gripping edge.


$7.02 (corn not included).

[via Tam Donovan, not as corny as Kansas in August — but close.]

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"When you need to breathe, you take a breath."

Screen Shot 2012-08-01 at 1.17.28 PM

"'Breathe' is the verb, 'breath' the noun."

Just one of the many wonderful things you'll be more apt to remember should you take a flyer on Paul Brians' 2008 book, "Common Errors in English Usage, 2nd Edition."


Count me in.

[via public.wsu.edu]

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Silver Light


Designed by Magnus Löfgren.

From the website:


Mirror: Polished stainless steel.

Base: Solid black optic crystal.

3.25"Ø x 1.25"H.



Prefer your optic crystal clear?

No problema.


Also $25.

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