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August 22, 2012

BehindTheMedspeak: "Nearly half of doctors report symptoms of burnout"


Up top, a headline from an article in yesterday's USA Today.

Long story short: "The Mayo Clinic reports nearly 1 in 2 (45.8%) of the nation's doctors already suffer a symptom of burnout."


Could've fooled me, 'cause there's no scent of burnout around these parts.

Of course, I have Gray Cat (above, in the midst of a counseling session) to minister to me when the going gets tough.

Other doctors aren't nearly so fortunate.

But I digress.

More excerpts from Janice Lloyd's story below.

Differences varied by specialty: Emergency medicine, general internal medicine, neurology and family medicine reported the highest rates. The authors note other studies show burnout can decrease the quality of care, lead to increased risk for errors and push doctors into early retirement, as well as cause problems in their personal lives.

Being asked to see more patients and not getting enough time with them create an atmosphere of "being on a hamster wheel," says physician Jeff Cain, president-elect of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Also highlighted in the report: Physicians were more likely to complain of burnout than other U.S. workers. When asked about emotional exhaustion, 37.9% of physicians reported signs, compared with 27.8% reported by other workers surveyed.

Participants completed a 22-item Maslach Burnout Inventory questionnaire, considered the gold standard for measuring burnout. The issues examined were emotional exhaustion, depersonalization (treating patients as objects rather than human beings) and low sense of personal accomplishment. Of 27,276 physicians asked to participate, 7,288 (26.7%) responded.

"Depersonalization (treating patients as objects rather than human beings)": I'll have more to say on this subject — and why depersonalization can be lifesaving — in a future BehindTheMedspeak post.

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Glow-in-the-Dark Bamboo Underwear: "Hand-made, hand-printed — and they glow!"




From the website:



We designed our bamboo underwear to be cute, sexy, and the best in your drawer.


The classic cut is flattering on all body types.

They are super comfortable, don't cut in on your sides, and offer coverage in all the right places.

Artist Nate Crane drew this awesome solar system print for us, inspired by the scientific galactic retro glow-in-the-dark shirts of our youth.

The planets, moons, asteroids and star clusters swirl in ways that will catch eyes and imaginations.

[XS: 0-2] [S:2-4] [M:6-8] [L:10-12] [XL:14-16] — please note your size in your order notes.

Care: Our underwear is robust — machine wash, machine dry.



Fair warning: These will sell out fast so don't sleep on it (as it were).

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"Maybe clean your floor more often"


The graphic above hit a little bit too close to home.


[via Cheezburger]

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Freestyle Cruiser — Inflatable Water Slide for Yachts

 That's different.








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50 Years of Space Exploration Mega-Infographic


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Drinkman Hip Flask


Res ipsa loquitur.


I wonder if Sony's lawyerbots, prolly pretty demoralized these days as the once-mighty castle crumbles from both without and within, will even bother with a Cease & Desist.


Something to do while the company implodes, I guess.


£9.99 (liquor not included).

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Experts' Expert: 5 Great Tips from Professional Organizer Julie Bestry

Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 9.03.20 AM

Exclusive to bookofjoe, the following five key insights from the Chattanooga-based sage of systematization whose motto is "Don't apologize — organize!"

1. Everything should have a home — but not everything has to live with you.

2.  Things should live with others like them — store like with like.

3. Things should live where they're used.

4. Things should live according to the Rule of Proximity and Utility — "if you need it often, keep it close."

5. Know what's living where — label and index; inventory things.

Follow Julie on Twitter — I do along with any number of once disorganized, now happily functioning campers.

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Multicolored Velcro Straps


Invaluable for all manner of things, including cord and cable control, bundling pens/pencils/markers, etc.

Nothing to corral?

No matter: Wear them as bracelets and before you know it Bill Cunningham will feature you as a stylesetter in the Sunday New York Times.

They wrap onto themselves for a secure hold.

TechnoDolt®™©-tested so you know you'll be able to use them if your IQ is in double figures or above.

Pack of five 8" x 0.5" straps: $3.91.

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