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August 10, 2012

Intricate architecture made from hand-cut ledger paper


From VisualNews.com:




Artist Jill Sylvia creates her insanely detailed architectural models, which look something like wireframe models made from paper, out of a very unique material: hand-cut ledger paper.


Using often book-bound sheets of lined paper, she cuts minuscule holes between each of the sheets' colored lines, giving the paper a perforated surface that becomes partially see-through.


Once assembled, her models of classic U.S. architecture like the White House, Jefferson Memorial, and U.S. Capitol Building reveal their hidden inner details such as magnificent columns and domed ceilings.


Because of the intense detail involved in each model, it would be easy to assume that each was quite large but don’t be fooled: in the case of the beautiful Jefferson Memorial featured in the top two pictures, it's only 5.25" x 5.5" x 6.5".


When you look at the close-up images showing the masterful folds and joints involved in each of these pieces, you realize the extraordinarily delicate touch required.


Sylvia continues to explore the interesting patterns found within perforated ledger sheets, in some cases stringing multiple sheets together into flowing, grate-like ribbons of the material, in others working with a few of the sheets in bound, book-like form.




[via fubiz and Matt Penning]

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