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August 4, 2012

The miniature world of Szymon Klimek

From Make: "Without an everyday reference for a sense of scale, Szymon Klimek's intricate mechanical creations could easily be mistaken for twice their true size. Made from 0.1 millimeter sheets of brass and bronze, Klimek's miniature machines dance effortlessly in wine-glass enclosures that measure little more than 4 inches across."


"Klimek's latest creation, Sponge [above], is a steam engine-like machine named for the latticework of tiny interconnected brass pieces that expands and contracts as the engine runs. Sitting in a wine glass about a foot tall, a small silicon solar cell powers a concealed electric motor which drives the 3-inch flywheel.... The opening of Sponge's wine glass and the diameter of its flywheel differ by less than a millimeter. CAD programs assist with design and Klimek, 57, assembles most of the machinery outside of the enclosures, cutting and shaping the pieces by hand. Sealing the top and gluing the machines down with clear resin... protects the delicate pieces from dust and curious fingers."

"Living in Poznan, Poland, Klimek entered into the world of small-scale making in 2004 with a miniature steam locomotive and coal wagon measuring about 3 inches. He's built close to 100 handcrafted brass and bronze miniatures, including ornate carriages, early 20th-century roadsters, and even a ship with billowing sails that fits in a wine glass. Since 2008 he's created nine 'active devices.'"

[via No Puedo Creer]

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i would like to shake his hand - maybe a little of his craftsmanship would rub off

Posted by: sherlock | Aug 5, 2012 3:32:11 AM

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