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August 23, 2012

Mars Clock


From the app self-description:



Mars Clock is an iPad/iPhone/iPod utility that displays accurate local Mars time at the Curiosity landing site.


Sunrise and sunset times are also displayed so that daylight hours, when the Rover is most active, can be determined.

Mars Clock is a Universal App designed for the iPad with the same functionality on both the iPad and iPhone.

The only thing missing on the iPhone app is information about, and a large image of, the Curiosity Rover.


• Countdown timer for Curiosity landing (countdown will change to a mission clock after the landing date)

• Local mean solar time for Mars Curiosity Rover

• Sunrise/sunset times for Curiosity landing site

• Current Earth-Mars communication delay

• Earth Time (local time and UTC)

• Current Earth-Mars distance

• Current Martian season

• Coordinated Mars Time


99 cents.*

*Free for Mars residents

Hold on a sec... what's that book I'm reading?

[via Paul McAuley]

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