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August 3, 2012

"Thank You for the Light" — F. Scott Fitzgerald (1936 & 2012)


Brief article by Charles McGrath in the July 31 New York Times briefer: F. Scott Fitzgerald's above-titled story was submitted to the New Yorker in 1936 but the editors rejected it, saying that it was "altogether out of the question" and adding, "It seems to us so curious and so unlike the kind of thing we associate with him and really too fantastic."

Times change.

Wrote McGrath, "'Thank You for the Light,' which Fitzgerald’s grandchildren discovered while going through his papers, is just a vignette — only a page long — almost fable-like, and written in a pared-down style that, at the end especially, seems more Hemingway than Fitzgerald. According to Deborah Treisman, the New Yorker's fiction editor, the Fitzgerald scholar James West thought it seemed 'almost Chekhovian' and suggested to the grandchildren that they give the magazine another crack at it."

It appears in the current (August 6) issue and above.

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